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Printable Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Easter or Spring

Bunnies are awesome. I mean, seriously. They’re so fluffy and hoppy…I love seeing everything bunny during the spring months, and was wanting to do something new with my very popular Seed Packet Valentines, so I came up with the idea to create adorable printable Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes!

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These Bunny Seed Packets are easy to assemble and come already colored in. Just cut, fold, glue, and fill!

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Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring Seeds Square

They are great for gifting:

  • Add them as a non-candy Easter basket filler
  • Stick them in large plastic Easter eggs
  • Gift them as a “Welcoming Spring” gift
  • Hand them out to friends and family
  • Pass them out to your class before a gardening/plant lesson
  • Have other ideas? Share them in the comments.

My Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes are offered in brown or white. If you choose to purchase the complete set, you will receive 8 of the brown and 8 of the white. The designs are the same, but the bunnies are different colors.

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring Square

When designing these, I kept thinking of “bunny food.” You know, when parents say salads and celery and carrots are “bunny food.” I always found that funny, so I enjoyed eating salads and vegetables. I chose to highlight some popular “bunny food” vegetables to grow (grow your own salad!) as well as a fruit version and a generic “seeds to grow” option for ones not listed.

In the complete set, you will find two each of these:

  • Carrot seeds to plant
  • Celery seeds to plant
  • Melon seeds to plant
  • Cucumber seeds to plant
  • Pepper seeds to plant
  • Leafy green seeds to plant
  • Flower seeds to plant
  • Seeds to plant (just write down on the envelope which seeds you put inside.).

The thing I love most about these is they can really be used year-round as I kept them generic, not holiday-specific, but you can also gift them as “Easter bunnies.” Gifting it to your child? You’ll also be gifting a bonding experience and special time together as you help your child plant those seeds and watch them grow.

Nurture your garden and your relationship at the same time!

Be sure to alert teachers and children that these are seeds and are not meant to be consumed (though they are encouraged, of course, to eat the fruits and vegetables grown from the seeds! In fact, this is a great way to encourage picky eaters to eat a healthy snack.).


To keep this post shorter, I am leaving out some of my extra tips and tricks and educational resources, so be sure to visit my Seed Packet Valentines for more information. You’ll also find a free gardening game over there.

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Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring Long


These Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes are super easy to assemble. Watch for the video on Facebook for visual instructions.

Print them on a heavier, high-quality paper like bright white paper or a very lightweight cardstock.

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring 1

Cut them out along the outer black lines.

Flip the envelope upside down then fold in the side flaps on the black line.

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring 2

Fold up the bottom flap over the center to create a crease; fold it back down, add some glue (I use a glue stick to avoid messes) around the outer edges and fold it up.

Press along those edges where the paper overlaps with the side flaps, poke your finger inside a little so it doesn’t get stuck to the front, then set aside for a moment so the glue dries.

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring 3

Fill the packet with the proper seeds. You can just add a small amount to stretch your seeds further, or you can add the whole package.

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring 6

Fold the top flap down over the other three flaps.

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring 4

Add a little glue to the bottom of each ear then flip them up onto the top flap and press down. You can have fun with the ears…leave them straight up and down, fold them out slightly, fold them so they overlap a bit…you can also bend one of them forward once you flip the packet over so it looks like it has a floppy ear.

Oh ya, speaking of awesome floppy ears…you have to see these super simple bunny plates for snack time!!

Paper Plate Bunny Face Snack


Glue around the inside edges of the top flap then fold it down over the other three flaps and press to seal the envelope. Let dry.

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring 5

Have fun with those adorable floppy ears! To make things easy, I did not create these double-sided, so if you want to flip over the brown bunnies’ ears, just find a brown color that is fairly similar and color that part in.



This set comes with all designs pictured below. You will receive 8 brown bunnies and 8 white bunnies with all 8 styles.

Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes for Spring Options

Buy It Now or Download a FREE Sample!

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Will you make these? What seeds will you use? Which designs are your favorites? Share with me in the comments!

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