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Literally Cheesy Valentines Cards for Cheese Lovers

Cheese — it is a love language for many. These Cheesy Valentines Cards are seriously the cheesiest in all the right ways with their cheese-focused puns and artwork, perfect for the cheese lovers in your life (even vegan cheese lovers…there is literally something for everyone).

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

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Before I explain more about these wonderful Cheese Valentines and why you totally need them, I want to tell you a little bit about what inspired them:

One of my very best friends was a super cheese fanatic from Louisiana. A born-Wisconsinite myself, I was her supplier (I would bring back all the cheese to her after visiting back home). It was a friendship made in heaven. She loved cheese, she loved my puns, and she loved my art. My friend passed away this fall of 2021 from some rare health issues. I had come up with this idea a couple of years ago and wanted to make them to show her, but I never got around to it. This year, I had a new motivation to finally finish them, and I am so excited to share them with you in honor of her birthday this weekend (which happens to be so close to National Cheese Lover’s Day…how fitting!).

I was hoping to have these published for National Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20, but I was unable to finish due to technical issues, so I declare today, January 24, National Cheese Lover’s Encore Day. Hooray for cheese! I seriously love cheese. (I even had the pleasure of working with the Wisconsin Cheese Board for my Blueberry Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Honey Gouda Cream Filling.

Order your own Printable Cheese Valentines; select which set you’d like (three options will come up).

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

Cute Valentines, punny Valentines, educational Valentines, these printable Valentines cover all the bases. On the front you will find adorable, cheesy Valentine’s Day puns. On the back you will find amazing cheese facts, usually related to the design or a more generic cheese fact. I mean, I’m a homeschool parent. Of course I had to find a way to make these educational (and fun!).

Check out our String Cheese Cupid’s Arrow snack idea!

While these Cheesy Valentines Cards are modeled in the same style as my Chemistry Valentines, with their unique hand-illustrated, hand-painted watercolor designs, themed puns (the cheesiest, of course…I am from Wisconsin, after all), and fun facts, their education stretches across several subjects.

Beyond cheese, I wanted to celebrate diversity and community. I want kids to feel seen and represented, even if it is just a little bit with some cheesy, cute Valentine’s Day cards. God made every aspect of this world beautiful and full of variety, after all. These cards feature cheeses of different shapes, sizes, colors, textures and porousness, personality types, and origins. Some are vegan. Some are lactose-free. I gave some designs arms and legs and some none. Some even have glasses! The designs are mostly “gender-neutral,” and they are non-childish Valentines cards so big kids, and even adults, will enjoy them. Hey, everyone can enjoy them!

Don’t you just love how you can put a ton of completely different cheeses on one platter and they all just make things beautiful and delicious and we give the community of cheeses a fancy name like “Cheese Board” or “Charcuterie” and it brings happiness? That’s how life should be.

Countries featured, whether by cheeses, history facts, or languages, include: Armenia, Benin, Caribbean, Central America (generically), China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, East Africa (generically), Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, South America (generically), South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, USA, and Vietnam.

Did you know there are African cheeses and Asian cheeses? There aren’t many, but I was sure to feature some here and had such fun learning about them!

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

As I mentioned earlier, these Cheesy Valentine’s Day Cards are jam-packed educational opportunities. On these cards, you and your children and students can learn:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Culture
  • Etymology
  • Foreign Languages
  • Literature
  • Health
  • Culinary Facts
  • Material Culture
  • Proper Pronunciations

I recommend having students share the fun facts on their educational Valentines so everyone (parents included) can learn a lot (and have fun with it)! If you find terms or history that I do not provide the full details on, I encourage you to continue your education and look it up together!

Note: I did very extensive research on all of these to make sure the facts are accurate. I searched out many trusted sources and verified using other trusted sources. However, if you have first-hand knowledge of the subject and notice something that is not quite right, please reach out to me with more information, and if I can verify it I will work to update them immediately. Some of the cheeses were not very well-known, at least in the USA, so verifying the information was a bit more difficult (though possible, with several days of research), so if I somehow missed anything in my research, I really do want to know and make sure it is accurate. Thank you!

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

To fit various needs and budgets, I have set these Printable Cheese Valentines for Kids Classroom Exchange Packs up as follows:

  • Younger-age (suitable for mid-to-older elementary age or advanced lower elementary as well as older ages, though anyone can enjoy them; these will include simpler puns and shortened fact excerpts.)
  • Older-age (suitable for older elementary, middle school, or grown-ups if you still love handing out Valentines, though even younger kids can still enjoy them; these will include a variety of puns and full fact excerpts!)
  • Full package (suitable for anyone who loves cheese and learning; includes every variety and fact!)
Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers
Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

These make adorable Valentines for Cheesemakers and Valentines for farmers, and they are great Valentines for teachers to hand out. Know one? Pass the info along!

Printable Cheese Valentines Cards for Grade Schoolers

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers


Grab the younger set (includes these 35 cards + 1 blank card) if you have younger children who will appreciate simpler concepts with shortened fact excerpts. These designs are also suitable for older ages, however I wanted to make sure there was a set just for younger children who have a love for cheese. (Pictured just above.)

*If you want to learn the full cheese facts, I suggest purchasing the full set (which happens to include bonus cards), because you will get so much more information than is on these younger Valentines.

Printable Cheese Valentines Cards for Teens and Tweens

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers


The older set (includes the other 35 cards + 1 blank card) may be suitable for younger ages as well, depending on how advanced your child is or if you explain the facts in ways they can understand, but is geared more towards older ages and their peers; they also work as adult valentines cards. (Pictured just above.)

Printable Cheese Valentines Cards for Kids and Adults, Full Set

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

What do the sets come with?

Each age-appropriate set comes with 35 unique designs and one blank card, four to a page and the sets are $5 each. The backs, besides cheese facts, also have “to” and “from” spaces to fill in.

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

The full set comes with all 72 unique designs for $10! I highly recommend this set, because some of these are just too cute to pass up and it is the best way to have as many designs as possible to choose from, so you can find just the right card for each recipient.

Share the set with a sibling or a friend who also loves cheese, hand them out to extra people you care about, pick and choose your favorites, or save the extras for next year! This set is perfect if your child is in a larger classroom, too, (or wants to share with kids in other classrooms, like I loved to do). Another great idea is to save some for special holidays like Swiss Cheese Day, National Cheese Lover’s Day, Cheese Fondue Day, Cheese Day, Wine and Cheese Day, Goat Cheese Month, Queso Day, String Cheese Day, Moldy Cheese Day, Cheese Curd Day, and Fun with Fondue Month (USA holidays). If a card has “Valentine’s Day” on it, grab some white-out and add the name of the special holiday!

These sets are priced low for what they are, but I want to make sure they are affordable to those who want them. You are always welcome to pay more to support my family if you feel they are worth more (Gumroad will give you that option)!

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

The designs are fun and relatable, even for younger ages. I wanted something that would combine my love of creativity, color, art, and sophistication with my love of puns with my love of of knowledge (science/history/language and more). Some designs are more feminine, some more masculine, and most are gender-neutral so they are suitable for all.

As mentioned earlier, I also made sure there were cards to hand out to those who are vegan or come from vegan families, those who have lactose intolerance, and those who maybe just do not like cheese, so kids can learn to be considerate of people’s differences (in other words, kids will have options to give non-dairy cards and lactose-free facts to kids who may not be happy to get a cheese card otherwise). Show love with cheese!

Make our String Cheese Love Birds Pizza Wreath snack with the kids this Valentine’s Day!

Hand these out at school, extracurricular activities, church, groups or clubs you participate in, around town, or mail them!

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

Printable Cheese Valentines for Kids (with Cheese Facts)

Personally, I am a big fan of NOT handing out extra candy for holidays…because that seems to be what all holidays for kids are about these days…but you can put candy, toys, erasers, all sorts of fun goodies inside of these, or you can just seal both sides together as a flat card!

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers
Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

Inside the Valentines

Looking at these and how they are set up, you will notice that the fold in half, like cards, horizontally. (By the way, I use a nifty paper cutter to cut them out so the lines are straight and it goes quickly.) You can totally hand out just the cards, but if you want to include something small inside you can totally do that too! Just tape them shut from the inside using double-sided tape if it’s something small and flat, or from the outside with invisible tape if it’s something larger.

*Obviously, remember to keep fillers age-appropriate.

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

We tried filling ours with some random trinkets and treats. Here are some fun filler ideas:

Find our curated list of Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers here!

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers
Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

Which Valentine is your favorite??

Literally Cheesy Valentines for Cheese Lovers

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  1. These are so cute Alyssa! Do you have a Mother’s/Father’s Day version?

    • Arts & Crackers

      Thank you, Felex! I do not have any Mother’s or Father’s Day ones, but there are some that are not Valentine’s Day specific that could be modified to hand out for Mother’s or Father’s Day or other special occasions.

  2. This looks soo much fun and learning for kids.

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