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Simple Spring Wreath Tutorial

Simple Spring Twig Wreath DIY Tutorial. Click the picture to view the tutorial.One craft that I always wanted to do once I moved into my own home was to make a wreath. Well, I’ve made several over this past year and they are so much fun I decided I should share my Simple Spring Wreath Tutorial!

See my wreath on the DIY Spring-Themed Wall Collage post.

There are so many different types of wreaths you can make and so many different ways to make them, but my favorite at the moment is the twig wreath. This will just be a generic tutorial. I encourage you to play around with different colors and types of flowers and additional decorations.

What You Need

  • Twig wreath, any size
  • Fabric flowers of various sizes in coordinating colors
  • Accent pieces (butterflies, birds, beads, bolder flowers)
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters
  • Something to hang the wreath (I attached a ribbon then hung it with a metal hook, but you can also use a wreath hook)


1. Set out the bare twig wreath and make a plan. Get a rough idea of where you will be placing your flowers. I tend to clump all my flowers to one side taking up about half of the wreath with fewer flowers and decorations on the ends.

Spring Wreath DIY Step 1

2. Usually I would recommend starting with your biggest flowers, but you can also do a base layer of smaller flowers first then add more on top for accents. Using wire cutters, cut off the part of the flower you want visible, leaving approx. 1 or 2 inches of stem then hot glue into place on the wreath.

Spring Wreath DIY Step 2

3. Glue on some of the flower’s leaves to give some more color and depth. Add a flower on top if a hole is showing in the leaf (you can stick the stem through the hole and glue both down.)

Spring Wreath DIY Step 3

4. Come back in and glue on the accent flowers. These can be a few larger flowers on top of the patch of small flowers or smaller flowers in between bigger flowers. Use varying sizes, shapes, coordinating colors, textures, and types to make your piece more interesting.

Spring Wreath DIY Step 4

5. Add your accent pieces. I used a butterfly on mine, but you can get creative.

Spring Wreath DIY Step 5

6. If desired, add some more accents around the remaining bare twig wreath. I added fabric flower petals from small flowers I’d removed from the stems. You could also use moss, beads, gems, or glitter!

Spring Wreath DIY Step 6

My son wanted to help me out too. There were just not enough pink flowers.

Spring Wreath DIY Son Helping

Bonus tip: some good color combinations are pink and purple, yellow with green and white, purple and yellow, blue and yellow.

Simple Spring Wreath DIY. Click the picture to view the tutorial.

Check out this cute spring bunny wreath from Mama in the Now!

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-Have you ever made a wreath? What is your favorite color theme? Be sure to take pictures and share them on my Facebook page!


  1. Looks so pretty! I love this wreath

  2. This is so beautiful and would make a great Mother’s Day gift.

    • Thank you, DJ. Definitely! Change it up a little with poinsettias and pine cones, a cardinal, and a little dusting of fake snow and you have the perfect Christmas gift too!

  3. Live the wreath..thanks for sharing..making me want to do this myself.. 🙂

  4. I like making Homemade wreaths and the one you made is so pretty! You had a little helper. How sweet! Your wreath is easy to make.

  5. Very pretty, I love the butterfly.

  6. That is gorgeous. Can you make one for me? lol

  7. Margaret S Porter

    This is pretty! I think Ill buy some Fall flowers and make one.

  8. This is absolutely the most diy wreath I have seen to date I have never attended to make one I think I found that one I can’t not attempt though just beautiful I have everything just choosing the colors now that fall is here and I really love these flowers compromise coming maybe

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