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Paper Bunny Snack Time Plates

Better hop to those Easter plans–it’s coming early this year! Am I think only one who just recently realized it’s the end of March this year? I’m excited to work on some quick last-minute themed crafts and snacks for my boys.

I’ve seen so many bunny-themed treats and projects the past couple weeks and I hadn’t done any new ones this year. While looking for paper plates for another craft (and realizing we’d run out and needed to get more), I came up with this fun idea:

Bunny-shaped paper plates!

These paper plate bunnies are a fun way to serve Easter treats or spring snacks!
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Now, I know there are paper plate bunny tutorials out there, but they are just for decoration. We love doing these activities with the kids too, but I also wanted a functional version.

These bunny plates can be made in different ways to give the bunnies personality and they hardly took me any time to prepare.

Paper Plate Bunnies

They aren’t just for Easter either; these are fun year-round!

Some of the bunny silhouettes I just filled with random snacks and some I gave intentional snacks to look like a bunny face.

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While carrots would have been a perfect snack for this, we actually just ran out so I went with bunny-shaped snacks and some cookies Daddy made.

Paper Plate Bunny for Snacks

For the bunny face, I used Craisins for the eyes, a mini pink marshmallow for the nose, and some organic popcorn for the fluffy cheeks–a little sweet, a little fruity, and a little salty. My boys really enjoyed this.

Paper Plate Bunny Face Snack

Here’s what you need:

  • Paper snack/dessert plates
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape


1. Cut ears out of one plate. You will want to cut on either side of the plate to make long ovals with points. If you need help keeping them even, flip the piece you cut over onto the other side of the place and use it as a template.

Paper Bunny Plate Tools

2. There are multiple ways to attach these ears and they all include double-sided tape. I used this brand.

A. Make the ears curve slightly backwards: flip the plate over and add a little tape to the top back of the plate where you want the ears. Stick the ears on with the top part of the plate pieces facing up. Flip the bunny plate over and fill with snacks!

Paper Plate Bunny Ears 1

B. Make the ears curve up: flip the plate over and add a little tape to the top back of the plate where you want the ears. Flip the plate back over and attach the ears with the top part of the plate pieces facing up. The ears will stick into the air.

Paper Plate Bunny Ears 2

C. Bend an ear: follow the instructions for option B above, but bend one ear down part way. If desired, you can lay these ears flatter than we did for option B too. I did not have them stick up as far for this one.

Paper Plate Bunny Ears 3

This is so much fun for snack time at school, church, or even for serving Easter brunch! You can use larger plates, but the ears might get a little too floppy (floppy ears are good on bunnies, but a little more challenging when it’s a plate.) I found the snack plates are perfect.

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I would love to hear from you in the comments below–What’s your favorite Easter snack to serve?

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  1. Your cleverness always amazes me.

  2. Such a cute idea! I don’t know if my daughter could spare the popcorn though since she is popcorn-obsessed lol!!

    • Haha! My toddler ended up snatching all of it. He loves his popcorn! You could use marshmallows or banana slices instead!

  3. This is a really cute idea! I love how easy it is to make. My grandsons would love this.

  4. So Fun!! We did kitchen cabinet egg dye! Mainly I was too lazy to go to the store. Kool aid, food coloring, Spices with vinegar. Great boy colors. These plates would be great craft for Awana Cubbies!

    • Thanks! My little Puggle loved his! Definitely would be fun for his group at church. Kitchen cabinet egg dye sounds like so much fun! I prefer to use things I already have too!

  5. Looks so cute and easy to make.

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