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DIY Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers

DIY Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers Lunchbox Fillers. Click the picture to get the tutorial.

I always love making healthy snacks fun, and that includes decorating string cheese stick wrappers. Previously I made a Bunny Rabbit String Cheese Wrapper for spring. Today I decided to make Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers for the spring and summer months.

Decorated string cheese wrappers are a great way to add a personal touch to your child’s lunchbox, a picnic basket, or as a fun treat while they’re home or out with friends. I plan to send one with my husband to work. These are so easy to make and so adorable.

What You Need

  • String cheese sticks
  • Permanent markers, multiple colors
  • Brown construction paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Transparent adhesive tape (regular tape like you use to wrap gifts)


1. Let the string cheese sticks sit out for a couple minutes. They will likely “sweat” a little bit during this time, so you will want to wipe this off with a napkin or paper towel before you begin decorating. This will allow the marker to take better and not rub right off.

Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers Step 1

2. On the back side (blank side) of the string cheese wrapper, draw green flower stems and add some leaves. You can do these however you’d like, whether it’s just by making them up and keeping it simple or by making it look like the real thing.

Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers Step 2

3. Draw the base of your flower heads. You can do any type of flower you wish. If you want to do a daisy, you will need to use a whiteout pen or white paint for the petals.

Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers Step 3

4. Add some detail to the flowers. I did an outline on the tulip, added a yellow center to the generic flower, and filled in the rose with some pink then added some darker green to the stems and leaves.

Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers Step 4

5. Cut the construction paper into pieces. Each string cheese wrapper will use one piece that is 3.5 inches x 1.5 inches and another piece that is 3.5 inches by 0.5 inches.

6. Flip the string cheese upside down so the decorated part is facing the table. Slide the larger construction paper piece under the bottom of the stick, lining up with the bottom of the string cheese wrapper, then fold the sides around and tape it down. This will make the base of the pot.

Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers Step 5

7. With the stick still upside down, slide the thinner construction paper piece to the top of the large construction paper piece, fold back, and tape down just like the larger piece. This will make the lip for the pot.

Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers Step 6

8. Flip the string cheese over and see your super fun, super cute Flower Pot String Cheese Wrapper!

DIY Flower Pot String Cheese Wrappers

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  1. What a cute craft idea and so fun to make with my niece! I like how pretty your Cheese Sticks Flower sticks turned out! I would love to make these!

  2. awww these are so darn cute! and so easy, too! I love these little potted flower cheese sticks, and now I must do this!!!

  3. These are so creative! I love the cute flowers!

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