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Firefly Toothbrushes | May the Fourth Be With You

Disclaimer: I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Firefly® and One2One Network. 
These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Firefly Kids Toothbrushes. Click the picture to read the review.My boys really do a great job when it comes to brushing their teeth, but they have been getting bored lately with their plain toothbrushes. My oldest stopped wanting to brush his teeth twice a day, and when he did brush he wanted it to be quick. They have a renewed excitement in dental hygiene now, thanks to the Firefly Star Wars toothbrushes.

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Star Wars has finally grabbed the interest of my oldest son. He has yet to see any of the movies (don’t worry, my husband is working on that), but he has some clothes and toys now that he’s in love with. You can imagine how he freaked out with excitement after seeing the new Star Wars toothbrushes.

There are some really neat things I noticed about these toothbrushes. The first is that they light up! The green brush lights up like a stoplight while the red and blue lightsabers have a flashing light as well as voice and clashing sounds. The lights and sounds continue for a whole minute, the time kids should take brushing each row of their teeth for a total of 2 minutes of brushing time. Your child will know it’s time to stop brushing when the lights stop flashing and the characters give a final statement like “May the force be with you.”

Firefly Toothbrushes Star Wars Lights and SoundsEach toothbrush has an exciting Star Wars theme. The lightsabers are obvious, a blue one for Obi-Wan Kenobi and a red one for Darth Vader, but the Ready Go Brush has a picture of Yoda on it too (there are other versions that have different colors and pictures.) The lightsaber brushes actually have toothbrush caps that come with so they look just like light sabers while protecting the bristles and keep it clean (great for travelling!) I love that the caps also have holes at the top so the brush can dry out.

Firefly Toothbrushes Star Wars Protective CapsThese toothbrushes may be too big to fit inside a holder, but Firefly thought it all through. We have had many chunkier toothbrushes that do not fit inside a holder but do not stand up either so we have to lay them down flat on the counter. These Star Wars toothbrushes are free-standing. The lightsabers have a solid base so they stand upright and the stoplight brush has a suction cup at the base so it can stick to the counter.

Firefly Toothbrushes Star Wars Free StandingThe bristles on the brushes are soft so they are gentle on my kids’ teeth. The brush heads are small enough to fit in both of their mouths and the handles have grips so it is easier for them to give each tooth the attention it deserves. They are also ADA-approved.

My son now has a renewed confidence when it comes to his oral care. I no longer have to ask him to brush his teeth two times a day; he does it on his own because Firefly has made it so exciting and easy. I would definitely recommend these to friends.

My oldest son loves red, so naturally he chose the Darth Vader lightsaber. Out of all the toothbrushes, this one is his favorite.

Firefly Toothbrushes Star Wars Darth VaderMy youngest son seems to like blue and is happy to take whatever is leftover after my oldest chooses, so he has the Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber.

Firefly Toothbrushes Star Wars Obi WanFirefly has many more Ready Go Brush designs besides these three Star Wars brushes. They also have characters such as Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, Marvel, and others, so it should be easy to find one that your child will love.

You can purchase this product on Amazon.com and Drugstore.com as well as in stores. Click here to locate Firefly toothbrushes near you. Be sure to like Firefly on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Those are precious!! And how do you get your tot to brush his teeth? Mine will only do the front few with a baby brush…

    • Aren’t they cool? My baby likes to chew on the brush so I usually let him hold it first and he gets his chewing out, often on the back teeth because he started doing that when he had his teething pain, then I take over and brush for him. Usually I have to gently hold his head still and sing or talk to him while I brush and explain what we are doing and I’ll brush the back teeth first, then the front teeth, then I have him copy me sticking out my tongue and we brush that. He really likes that I let him try first too so he will let me finish up, and it also is a great way to teach him and promote independence.

  2. I have seen these in the stores – they are so cute!!

  3. Stephanie Hebert

    These are soooo coool! Were trying to get our one year old to learn this would be a fun way!

    • I bet she would love them! My 1-year-old loves brushing his teeth. They also have cute Hello Kitty ones right now!

  4. These are really cute

  5. These are cool my little ones would love these.

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