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Nuby Step Up Stool Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

nuby step stool

If your toddler is anything like mine, he is very independent and wants to try things on his own. My son likes to wash his hands, brush his teeth, and pick out what to wear for the day. In spite of being tall, there were a few things that were still too high up for him. The Nuby Step Up Stool enabled him to reach new heights!

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What I Love

The Nuby Step Stool is so lightweight and easy to move that your child will be able to move it around as needed to reach the toilet then the sink then the hand towel. Since this kid step stool is compact enough, I am able to store it in the cabinet under the bathroom sink so it is out of the way and my son knows just where to find it when he needs it. He sets everything up himself when he needs to use the restroom which saves him time that he would otherwise have to wait for my help. This is a great advantage while potty training as your child may not be able to hold it in as long as you would need him to. My son will now just go on his own and let us know when he is finished. 

With his Nuby step stool, my son is able to get things he was unable to get before which has actually helped him learn to take care of himself more. If something he needs is out of reach, he will bring the step stool over to give himself the added inches–this teaches problem solving! He uses the step stool mainly in the bathroom where he is able to reach the sink more easily as we teach him the healthy way to wash his hands (check out my Five Finger-Tips to Healthy Hand Washing here) and when he is brushing his teeth he is in view of the mirror so he can see what he is doing to ensure no tooth is left unbrushed.

with and without nuby step up stool

The non-skid base and no slip top are so helpful! My son finds it funny to slip around on things with his socks, so the slide-proof top prevents a lot of unnecessary accidents. Since our floor is not carpeted and we do not have a rug in that bathroom, the rubberized base also keeps the stool sturdy as my son jumps on and off quickly.

Sometimes Mommy likes to stand on it to feel tall (go ahead, laugh at me–you know you want to.) I thought I probably should not do this because I was too heavy–then I found out this step stool can hold up to 800 pounds!! When I saw this for the first time, I pictured a giant seal balancing on top of the stool with a ball on the tip of his nose. While I doubt you will be setting that much weight on this, it is comforting to know the product is that sturdy. 

What I’m Not Huge On

The only thing I have issues with is minor scratching on the no slip top of the stool and it also is not that easy to wipe off. Of course, I care more about my child’s safety than I do about how the stool looks or the fact that I have to use a damp rag and not just a baby wipe so I am thankful for the no slip top just how it is! 

Overall, I love this stool. It is fun, helpful, and easy for my child to use. The Nuby Step Up Stool has made my son feel like a big kid and he loves the playful colors. This is a product we use on a daily basis, multiple times a day, in our home.

You can purchase the Nuby Step Up Stool at www.buybabydirect.com, www.echildstore.com, www.kidslandusa.com, and JC Penny. Check out Nuby on FacebookTwitterInstagram andPinterest and keep an eye on each for some great giveaways to enter!

Bonus tip: Bring the step stool into the kitchen. Now that your child can reach the counter with ease, use this as an opportunity to involve him in cooking and baking. Not only will this prove to be a great learning experience that your little one can use for years to come, but it is also a great mother-child bonding activity! 


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-Does your child like to be independent? Does he use a step stool to reach what he otherwise can’t?


  1. Michelle Rattan

    My kids try to find anything they can to climb on. this is something I would like to have.

    • Oh yes my son has been the same way. This works way better (and safer) than the wipes box my son was using before he had the step stool!

  2. What a durable little stool! We had one for our daughter that was wood but it slid around a lot! I will have to share this with my sister for her little ones!

    • We had a wooden one that slid around too. My son hurt himself frequently on it so I love that this one doesn’t slide around.

  3. We bought a step stool and she is just starting to use it for reaching the sink to brush her teeth and wash her hands. We ended up getting one that has her favorite Disney character on it so she would be afraid to use it like she did the plain one we had.

    • Characters definitely help. What you could do with your old one is let her decorate it with stickers of her favorite characters! That’s what we did with my son’s potty seat and it made him want to actually use it.

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