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Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray Review and Smoothie Recipe

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
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Nuby Garden Fresh Food Freezer Tray. Click the picture to read the review.My baby is past the age of eating baby food, in fact, we mostly did Baby Led Weaning, but he still loves mashed and blended foods at times. Occasionally I will make homemade applesauce, mashed bananas, or other foods. I end up with extras that I don’t want to waste, so the Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray is perfect for this.

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You can purchase this product in four different colors. It is freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe as well as BPA FREE.

What I Love

If you are preparing your own baby food, freezer trays are a great option. Sure, some use smaller trays, but these cups are perfectly portioned into food serving sizes so there will be no guesswork.

There are 9 pockets that hold about 1 oz. individual portions. When you freeze them, they turn into cubes that you can then pop out and thaw or reheat for use. The material used for the container is non-stick which helps the cubes come out a little more easily.

This freezer tray also comes with a lid to keep the food fresh and protected while it is in the freezer. The lid snaps on into place.

You can use the Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray for so many different foods from fruit purees to mashed potatoes. We decided to make smoothie cubes! Sometimes I struggle to get my kids to eat fruits, so blending them into a smoothie works well. We were able to fill the cups with yogurt and berries and freeze them to be smoothie-ready. See directions below.

What I’m Not Huge On

I did have a couple things I struggled with. The first is that I had a hard time removing the lid after the cubes were frozen. This was mainly because I cannot touch anything that is cold, but it was harder to pry off when the tray was less flexible. On the same lines, I struggled to remove the cubes. They were loose in the containers, I just could not get them out. My husband was able to with no issues.

Overall, the Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray is a great product for parents who plan to make homemade baby food. It is perfectly portioned for your convenience and a great way to preserve extra prepared foods.

Nuby Garden Fresh Berry Smoothie

First we filled in about 1 Tablespoon of strawberry Greek yogurt in each cup then we added berries. I did one to a few in each depending on the size of the berries. You can do multiple berries in each cup, but I did them in sections (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries) and used multiple cubes to make our smoothie.

Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray Smoothie Cubes Step 1

After the first layer of yogurt and fruit, we added some more yogurt and more fruit. I show the yogurt and fruit going over the top for the picture, but you will want to remove any excess if it goes too high or it will make a mess.

Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray Smoothie Cubes Step 2

Tightly snap the lid into place.

Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray Smoothie Cubes Step 3

Freeze for a few hours until frozen solid.

Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray Smoothie Cubes Step 4

Remove the cubes you wish to make (we did one each blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry.) Put them into a blender with one fresh banana, sliced, and 1 cup of orange juice. We used the Nuby Mighty Blender. If you plan to use blackberries, however, I’d recommend using a larger blender as the big berries did not blend well frozen. All the rest blended great, however.

Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray Smoothie Cubes Step 6

Blend until smooth.

Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray Smoothie Cubes Step 7

You can purchase this Easy Go bowl from Amazon.com (affiliate link) and Walmart.

Nuby Garden Fresh Freezer Tray. Click the picture to read the review.

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  1. I think the Freezer Tray would work well for making frozen cubes of Chocolate Almond Milk for use in my Bullet Dessert.

  2. This is a nifty idea! I’d like to try it. I’d get one, and see if I have too hard of a time with it. If OK for me, I’d stock up!

  3. What a cool product especially for the summer. The possibilities are endless!!

  4. What a great idea for smoothie starters! I like that these are larger than traditional ice cube trays.

  5. This would come in handy since I have a lot of smoothies during the week.

  6. I like making fruit flavored ice then adding it to smoothies.

  7. I was used to the popsicle kind of freezer container but seeing it in a cube looks nice and neat. πŸ˜€

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