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Nuby Gator Grip Flip-it Top Cup Review

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nuby flip it top gator grip cup

Staying hydrated is very important. My son is extremely active (hyper!!) so he is constantly drinking throughout the day. I try to give him as much water as I can, but sometimes I need a super fun cup to get him to want the water rather than a glass of juice or milk. The Nuby Flip-it Top GATOR GRIP cup is perfect for this!

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What I Love

Nuby’s GATOR GRIP Flip-it sippy cup with a straw is perfect for little hands. The grip is not only stylish, especially for little boys who love alligators, but it is also perfectly made for staying in a busy child’s small hands. I love that my son is able to use this cup with such ease.

nuby flip it top for tballI love that this cup has a straw so older kids can feel big while drinking from it. The straw tip folds in and out easily so he can open and close it all by himself. Now I don’t need to always be there to help my son get water when he needs it! The straws are hard and free flow and are placed in the center of the cup all the way to the bottom to encourage your child to hold the cup upright rather than tip it.

The Nuby Flip-it Top cup is BPA-free (yay!) and exceeds all government safety regulations. This cup is made for ages 2+ and is perfect for my 3-year-old to bring to his t-ball practices. The cups hold 15 oz. of liquid which is the perfect amount so you do not have to refill it constantly and it keeps your child motivated to drink more water (which is perfect too if your child is currently potty training.) The Flip-it cup comes apart into a few pieces for easy cleaning and you can even wash this cup in the dish washer which could make things so much easier!

I also love that the Flip-it cup comes in a lot of really fun, bright colors to fit your child’s personality. My son’s favorite color is red, so this cup is his absolute favorite! The cup is even more personalized with it’s nifty gator name tag you can slip onto the top of the cup!

What I’m Not Huge On

While I love most everything about this cup, there are a few improvements that could be made.

While the straw flips back into the top of the cup, this has not prevented it from leaking out. We only put water inside so it is not that huge a deal, but leaky cups are more difficult to travel with. As long as the cup is upright there are no issues, but when it tips over or if I stick it in my purse or diaper bag in a rush to carry it somewhere it will dribble out.

IMG_5599The base of the cup is a little bit large. While this is great for gripping and less tipping, the cup would not fit in any of our cup holders, including the stretchy ones that are part of my son’s carseat. This means he either has to hold his cup in the car no matter how long the trip and he usually ends up dropping the cup to the floor at this point which results in some leaked water on the carpet and an unhappy kiddo when he wants it again and Mommy can’t reach.

Lastly, since I do not use a dishwasher I have to wash this cup by hand. Washing by hand is a little more difficult for cleaning, so I recommend only using water in this cup as it can get juice and other liquids caught up where you cannot power wash and this can cause mold. You will also want to come up with a nice, open drying rack and wait for the parts to completely dry which may take a little longer than the average cup, again so you can avoid mold.

Overall, while this cup may not be the easiest to clean or to travel with, my son absolutely loves it and so do I. It is simple (and safe!) for my son to use and is so much fun that it aids in keeping my child hydrated throughout the day and while playing sports. The design is neat and the rubber grip and easy-flip top are just right for kids.

You can purchase the Nuby GATOR GRIP Flip-it Top cup at www.buybabydirect.com, www.idealbaby.com, www.amazon.com, www.diapers.com, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Sears. Check out Nuby on FacebookTwitterInstagram andPinterest and keep an eye on each for some great giveaways to enter!

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-Have you tried the Nuby GATOR GRIP Flip-it Top cup? What are your thoughts? Does your child have a favorite color?

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