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Nuby Travel Fork & Spoon Set Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my review! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

nuby travel set in useNuby has this awesome Travel Set of silverware for your little one and I was able to try it out! The Nuby Travel Set has four forks and four spoons in the set and comes in a travel case that keeps your utensils safe and your bags clean! I love this product because it has made my life easier while we are out and about.

The Nuby Travel Fork & Spoon set comes with 8 utensils (four spoons and four forks) as well as a carrying case. The utensils have specially-designed handles that are perfect for little nuby travel silverwarehands which makes this a great product for all kids just learning to feed themselves or who are a little bit older but need that extra grip. This BPA free product comes in several exciting and bright colors that kids will love. We received the green utensils in the blue and green case but you can also choose from yellow and pink, yellow and green, blue and red, yellow and orange, or pink and purple! See the different color options here.

Have you ever been out somewhere and really needed utensils that are appropriate for your little one and forgot to bring some along? Well, Nuby Travel Fork & Spoon set is perfect just for this! Because of the nifty case, you can store kid-friendly silverware easily and neatly in your nuby travel setpurse or diaper bag! We have gone to restaurants and my son would want to eat with utensils but they of course never have toddler forks and spoons available and sometimes the adult silverware is just too big and sometimes the forks would poke him in the mouth which did not feel too great, I am sure. Problem solved! I now can bring along this travel set and have perfectly-sized spoons for feeding my littlest baby food and perfectly-handled forks and spoons for my oldest to feed himself comfortably! My 3-year-old loved using these at the park and I loved that I could bring a spare in case he dropped one on the dirty ground PLUS I had a safe place to store the messy spoons and forks after use so they didn’t soil my bag! Since our most recent trip to the park was a playdate with other mommies and kids, they all were able to see this neat travel set and it was a huge hit! The ONLY thing I did not like about this product is that the travel container cap can be difficult to get on and off, but that is something I can deal with. The Nuby Travel Fork & Spoon Set is now an essential addition to my diaper bag! See also my Nuby Flip-It Cup review HERE (product pictured in top photo.)

You can purchase the Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy in stores from TJ Maxx, Bealls, DD’s Discounts, Ross Dress For Less and online from www.idealbaby.com, www.cookieskids.com, and www.buybabydirect.com.

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