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Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon Review

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Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon. Click the picture to read the review.

Taking trips can sometimes be difficult because my toddler wants to eat all the time. We will sometimes stop and pick up food, but I would much rather he eats something healthy that we bring along with us. A good container, like the Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon, is an important part of feeding kids on the go.

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This Easy Go Suction Bowl comes in three colors–green, pink, and blue–and is recommended for ages 6 months and up. It is also BPA FREE!

What I Love

First and foremost, I love that the spoon attaches to the lid on the container! So often I find I’ve lost the utensils I brought with before we even use them or after when they need to be washed. This solves the problem by keeping it stored with the rest of the bowl. There is a lid that goes over the end of the spoon and clicks so it will not fall out.

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon Lid

On the base of the bowl there is a suction cup. This is awesome. We have some other bowls that have travel lids and suction cups, but the suction cups detach from the bottom allowing my son to rip them off of leaving the suction cup still stuck to the table. The suction cup on this is actually built in as part of the piece so it stays put.

For one extra useful feature, the bowl has sturdy handles that cup around making it easy for your little one to carry where needed. My toddler decided we should have a picnic and carried it with him around the yard.

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon Outside. Click the picture to read the review.

The bowl is big enough that you can fit a decent amount of food inside of it but not so big that it can’t be stored in a lunch box. Speaking of lunch boxes, this is a great product to use when sending healthier foods with your young children to school! You can use it for anything from baby food to cereal to a yogurt parfait.

What I’m Not Huge On

It’s not so much that I am not huge on this as it is a personal preference, but I would really love to see a fork along with the spoon. My toddler is figuring out how to use utensils right now and sometimes he needs a fork. I can easily bring one along separately (like the Nuby Travel Fork and Spoon Set), but I would love to have one that also attaches to the lid.

Overall, the Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon is a nifty product for busy parents, healthy lunches, babies eating solid foods, and toddlers learning how to feed themselves. It offers convenience from the built-in suction cup, lid, and snap-on spoon, as well as great storage for snacks and meals.

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon Suction Cup. Click the picture to read the review.You can purchase this Easy Go bowl from Amazon.com (affiliate link), diapers.com, idealbaby.com, TJ Maxx, buybuy Baby, Bealls, Sears, Baby Depot at Burlington, Ross Dress For Less, DD’s Discounts, and Big Lots.

Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl and Spoon Set. Click the picture to read the review.

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  1. I remember times my kids would throw their bowls off their highchair so having the suction cup I really like

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