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Levana Keera Baby Video Monitor Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Levana Keera Baby Video Monitor ReviewSome days I shut my kids in their bedroom (or, more accurately, toy-abundant playroom) because some days that’s what is necessary to get a shower or a few minutes to myself. Being the overly-concerned mom that I am, I don’t like doing this unless I can still keep an eye and ear on my children. They tend to, uh, get into things…if you know what I mean. I had no choice one day but to leave them in the room for a bit–my oldest son is pretty responsible and usually will help his brother and let me know if anything is up–and well, he helped his brother alright. He helped his brother make a HUGE mess. Let’s just say I don’t let them play in the closet anymore because I don’t need another “Mommy, look, we made a nest!” kinda day (though I admit that was a super clever comeback by a 4.5-year-old.)

As much as I’d like to never face days and situations where I need to leave the kids unattended (proud helicopter mom right here), sometimes this is completely unavoidable, not only as a mom in general, but especially as a military spouse. I had my second baby three months before my husband was able to come home from overseas and had to take care of both kids on my own, so I really needed something to give me that second set of eyes. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything at the time. Thankfully, however, my boys were not very hyper or getting into things during that time period. Now that we’ve reached the preschool and “trainable twos” stages…well, it’s a different story. I am so glad to be able to try out the Levana Keera baby monitor system!

What I Love

My husband and I had a great time playing around with our Levana Keera video monitor and learning about all the different features. In fact, we are still learning because there are so many great options to discover! I would have to say my favorite is the Talk to Babyℱ two-way communication. For my husband, it means whispering things in a creepy voice over the intercom to freak out the kids (well, they aren’t usually scared–I probably find it creepier than they do.) For me, it means that I can tell my oldest so to get back into bed without having to walk all the way up the stairs. I can hear him and, if I need to say something, I can press the microphone button and talk through the monitor into his room. The great thing is that you can choose which channel you are on so he will only hear it in his room while his brother’s room stays quiet.

Levana Keera Monitor MicrophoneSpeaking of sound, another fun feature we discovered was the music feature. The device has three different lullabies that you can choose from and play into the rooms!

As I mentioned above, you can choose which channel you are on. The monitor comes with two cameras, so you can put them on two different channels. You can actually add two more if you want to. As we messed with the different buttons on the monitor, we discovered that you can change the channels even more. If you want to monitor multiple rooms at a time, you can display all at once on the screen or have it alternate the picture back and forth between rooms. In other words, if you have children in multiple rooms and you want to keep an eye on both at the same time, you can!

Another feature that I love is the ability to take pictures and videos. If your children are playing super well together, snap a picture! If your husband fell asleep rocking the baby and it’s just so cute you can’t stand it, take a picture! (Yes, I did that; he knows and he’s totally okay with it.)

Levana Keera Monitor Take PicturesI actually like having a monitor near the front door during the day like a security camera so I can see when packages arrive or when someone comes to my door if I’m not near it. I keep my door open (locked, but open for letting light in) so sometimes I get paranoid if I have to run upstairs to grab laundry and I hear a noise by the door downstairs where my kids are. When I have the monitor set up pointed that way, I can see who is there or which mail delivery service dropped off a package, and even record a video of it if necessary. Peace. Of. Mind. Now, I’m not sure this product should be sitting outside, but you can keep it inside pointed at open doors or through open windows.

Levana Keera Monitor Front DoorAnother cool feature is that you can store these pictures and videos on a microSD card and use the included adapter to transfer them onto your computer!

The Levana Keera video monitor connects securely to your WiFi network for live feed. It comes with anchors to mount it on the wall wherever you need it and can rotate the camera horizontally 300Âș and vertically 110Âș. You can even zoom in on the picture for a closer look. The monitor has a kickstand so it can sit up on tables and counter tops.

Levana Keera Monitor Video Screen Levana Keera Monitor Video Screen Close UpThe camera will even use night vision settings to allow you to see your child even when the room is totally dark.

Levana Keera Monitor Night VisionThe battery life, on power saving mode, can last up to 10 hours, or an average of 6 hours when in constant use. I haven’t had a chance to test this completely, but it’s lasted pretty well between charges for us.

We are still learning all the features, but there are so many awesome ones already!

What I’m Not Huge On

There are a few features that I would love to see improved, many of which, I am sure, I will figure out how to work better as I learn the device. The first is that I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get a clear picture. Now, I don’t expect it to look like my DSLR camera, especially at night, but sometimes it’s too blurry to really see what’s going on. I have tried some settings to adjust exposure and that, but I am still working on how to get a clearer picture.

Another feature I struggled with was the touch screen option. For some reason, my device will only let me use the arrow button to navigate around. I am going to look further into it to see if perhaps I have a weird setting selected.

Levana Keera Monitor OptionsI also have had issues with the connection to the network going in and out. There are certain spots in the house where it just doesn’t seem to want to stay connected and, if I bring the monitor out with me to get the mail (we don’t have a huge driveway), it cuts out shortly after I exit the house. Our WiFi range doesn’t go too far out, but it goes further than what we’ve gotten with the Levana Keera. Inside, for the most part we have a good connection though.

Overall, I love this monitor. It is so versatile, has all the features I was looking for. This would make a great gift for moms and moms-to-be!

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  1. Christina Strapp Lambert

    I actually won this monitor. We really like it but we have the same problems that you do. Mine is not touch screen though, we can just use the arrows. I don’t like how the picture is not clear. My husband is really good at figuring those things out but no luck. Ours also cuts in and out. It drives me crazy. It even does it in the good spots. All in all, I’m glad we didn’t buy it. I would love it if those problems do get fixed.

    • That’s awesome that you won one, Christina! Thanks for weighing in. I agree. Thankfully, if you stay put in the house, these aren’t dire issues; but I would really like to see them fixed if they come out with a new model.

  2. Love that you give in detail pros and cons on this I am needing one and this helped alot to make up my mind!

  3. I am a baby monitor junkie – and this one looks fantastic! I think every mom should have a great video monitory

    • I agree! It’s been a little slow lately and having connectivity issues, honestly, but I still love all the options it has. Especially the walkie-talkie part 😉

  4. Video monitor has always been on my list but never got one. This one looks nice, I love high quality videos!

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