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Baby K’tan Baby Carrier Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

baby ktan on a walkIf you read my post “As We Were, But Better” about what it really was like through my husband’s deployment, you know that I had a baby while he was away and struggled at times with taking care of both kids while trying to take care of housework and errands. Sure, my older son can pretty much take care of himself now, but the baby needed to be in my arms or a seat at all times. Then I found the Baby K’tan baby carrier. 

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baby ktan first time

My first time trying on the Baby K’tan

My baby boy always wanted to be by Momma; I couldn’t set him down. He had colic for some time and the only place he would eventually calm down was in my arms. Of course, this made it difficult to complete household chores–dishes, vacuuming, cooking…Then of course going to the store was twice as difficult because I didn’t have my Bright Starts Up, Up and Away Swing to set him in to calm him down. Before I started babywearing I had to set the carseat in the back of the cart (because the front is very unsafe and I purchased a carseat that specifically would not fit so as not to be tempted) so finding places to stick my groceries or paper goods or whatever I was purchasing was like a puzzle. If I didn’t stack the items correctly, either not everything would fit or it would fall all over.  Combine that with a 3-year-old whining to sit in the cart or walking along and shopping for himself, babywearing became essential.

I had tried the Moby Wrap initially as I had heard great things about it…I did not like it at all! Having an excessive amount of fabric draping over me, touching the dirty ground, and needing to wrap tightly made it very difficult to want to babywear. I supposed the frigid weather didn’t help and I needed to set up the carrier before we went into the store as I’d otherwise have nowhere to set my newborn as I wrapped. I tried being “pre-wrapped” before I started driving to the store, but I quickly became overheated and by the time we arrived at the store the wrap would have loosened and I would have to re-wrap before putting my son in the carrier. I needed something that was fast, easy-to-use, and made to fit me.

What I Love

I love that the Baby K’tan is pre-sewn so it is simple to use with no excessive wrapping, buckles, buttons, or fuss. Basically it looks like a figure 8 or double loop of two pieces of fabric connected in the middle and it comes with a sash (which turns into a handy carrying case!) There are multiple carrying positions you can easily create thanks to a detailed instructions manual including the following: Newborn Kangaroo Position (your baby is reclined and resting entirely in the carrier,) Hug Position or Two-Hip Position (your baby is facing inward with his legs free,) Adventure Position (your baby is facing outward,) Explore Position (your baby is sitting off to the side slightly with his legs over your stomach,) and Hip Position (your baby sits on your hip facing you.) The instructions even offer helpful tips to make the little bit of wrapping even simpler as well as helping to guide you on what age your baby should be for the various carrying positions. The Baby K’tan manual also shares how you can use the Baby K’tan for breastfeeding and Kangaroo Care (holding your newborn or preemie skin-to-skin.)

I love that the Baby K’tan carrier is made just for me! The other wraps and carriers I had tried in the past were a one-size-fits-all type of deal. I discovered that one-size does not always fit small…well, small and disproportionate. The carriers always seemed to loosen or have too much fabric or too big of gaps to start with on me. The Baby K’tan comes in five different sizes, XS to XL so I was able to find one that fit me perfectly! They even fit most men! The carrier felt so snug and secure and I did not have to worry about it coming unwrapped. The carrier also has a loop in the back so you can adjust where the carrier sits on you for extra comfort and security. I love that this carrier is made not only for comfort but also to truly safely hold your baby–out of all the carriers I have tried previously, this one felt the most secure, especially when my little man was on the smaller side.

I also love that the fabric of this carrier is so soft and stretchy and forgiving. It is so soft against our skin and is extra comfortable on my shoulders.

The Baby K’tan carrier was a huge help to me while my husband was deployed. Here are some of the places you could spot me using it:

in Lowes

in Lowes


in Target

in Target


in a Chinese buffet

in a Chinese buffet


in the Commissary

in the Commissary

And of course on walks as pictured at the top.

What I’m Not Huge On

While I love my Baby K’tan carrier, I cannot see myself using it for much longer as my baby is getting bigger. The Baby K’tan is for babies 8-35 lbs. but my baby, who is now just over 14 lbs., is already becoming a little much to bear and fusses as though he feels squished. As I mentioned earlier, however, this carrier was a life-saver while my son was smaller! My son was a preemie at 5 lbs. 8 oz. so he did not fit in the carrier for some time, but you can use the carrier for your premature baby if your pediatrician gives you the go-ahead and special instruction. Fortunately for me, my son gained 4 lbs. in his first month so I did not have to worry about his size for long and could begin using the carrier.

Another issue I foresee, which is inevitable when you have an item made to fit you rather than “one size fits all” is that you may need to change carrier sizes as your body changes after childbirth, whether you gain or lose weight. The sizes, however, are a range of dress sizes so it should fit for a while at least before you might have to try another size.

Lastly, though the Baby K’tan is made to be ergonomic and to evenly distribute weight across your back and shoulders, I personally had my back and stomach began to hurt rather quickly during use of this carrier. Yes, yes, I am out of shape. Yes, yes, I do have some problems with my back and standing straight; but I did notice I became sore and out-of-breath a little bit more quickly with this carrier than some of the others. I will say, however, that I still prefer the Baby K’tan over other carriers for small babies because I would rather have my baby safer than worry about a minute kink in my back.

Overall, I have heard both sides about the Baby K’tan–those who love it and those who didn’t. Personally, I love how simple the Baby K’tan is to use, how snugly it holds my baby, how well it fits me, and it is my favorite carrier for use during baby’s first few months.

You can purchase a Baby K’tan online HERE or look at the store locator to find somewhere near you. Be sure to visit Baby K’tan on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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  1. Constance N. Smith

    I’d like to give this to a friend as a shower gift, but I suspect her to use it a great deal!!!

  2. Grocery stores

  3. Everywhere especially when i am out with both my girls. I have same issues you did nowhere to put anything in cart and then trying to soothe her without the swing!

  4. I would use it when shopping, restaurants, the park, pretty much anywhere I would otherwise have to lug the heavy car seat. Now that I will have two kids(come April) , I think this would be a great option.

  5. Have a friend that I suspect would love this! And it would definitely make a great baby shower gift!

  6. Kristen Campbell

    We are expecting our 4th baby and a wrap like this would be great for when they are small! I wear my babies anywhere we go, commissary, walmart, target, on walks, department stores…everywhere! If I leave my house I will be wearing my baby when I get out of the car πŸ™‚ It is the best way to get things done as a homeschooling mom of 3 boys!

  7. Catherine LeChot

    I recently saw one of these in action at a baby shower. I would love the ability to easily wear my 2nd baby when out and about with my first!

  8. I baby wear at the grocery store every week. But more & more I wear around the house too. I certainly plan to wear baby when we are out & about so I can keep my hands free for my 2 year old!

  9. Entering for my Daughter who in July will be giving birth to our first GrandSon. I know she wants this and I would love to win it for her. Thank you

  10. jeremy mclaughlin

    Would give to my cousin as a gift, I am sure she would use it while shopping.

  11. I know someone who would love to have this as a shower gift

  12. I would use it in my everytime life especially when i go shopping

  13. I would give this to my sister in law but I did baby wear with my daughter.

  14. Around our neighborhood this summer assuming it starts to warm up!

  15. around our neighborhood once the weather warms up!

  16. Shopping, for walks, at the zoo.

  17. misty sue wiggers

    It would be good to use in the grocery store or any other place you need to go in those first few months!

  18. I can see us babywearing when we go shopping, but especially when the weather is nice, we’ll baby wear when we take our family walks.

  19. I would wear it at the grocery store. This is definitely needed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. I would love to win this! I plan to babywear my daughter a lot when she is born, especially since I will be taking 2 kids out. Thanks for the great review & chance to win πŸ™‚

  21. Love it! I’m entering for a baby shower gift for my niece. It will be a great gift! Thanks for sharing such a great review. Really cute photos, btw!

  22. I’d use this to carry my little guy when I shop!

  23. This is such a wonderful item and would be very beneficial for the little one.

  24. I will give this to my sister in law who will wear it traveling and at the grocery store.

  25. I baby wear absolutely everywhere, but the best place to do it is definitely the grocery story. makes shopping with baby so much easier!

  26. I would love to have this for shopping and doing light duty around the house.

  27. at home mostly! with a toddler and a newborn im always at a loss for hands!!

  28. I am expecting my first little baby boy in August and would use this carrier to go everywhere! We live in a very public transit friendly city, so we don’t own a car and I like to walk or take transit everywhere. Also, we live across the street from a massive urban park with a lake in it, so I look forward to going to long walks to watch the geese in the water with my new baby! Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. I will babywear everywhere! at home, at the mall, at the park.

  30. I babywear everywhere. It makes life so much easier

  31. I will babywear to the grocery store and library!

  32. I would wear it everywhere! Walking the dog and shop[ping would probably be #1.

  33. At the store and everywhere else

  34. Hopefully all the time, but I think it will especially be helpful at the store where your hands need to be free

  35. I will wear it everywhere… around the house.. outside when it gets warmer out.. to the store.. the possibilities are endless! I love the idea of baby wearing. I have a baby carrier but I do not like the one I have. This one looks more comfortable.

  36. Probably to the grocery store and to the dog park the most!

  37. I’d babywear for grocery shopping and going for walks.

  38. Elizabeth McGuire

    I saw the Baby K’Tan in a lactation support group and have been excited about since then! I can see myself using it while working from home and particularly when trying to cook or do laundry.

  39. I would give this to a friend who just had a baby not long ago. This would help her out so much since she babysits also.

  40. Pretty much everywhere!!
    Melissa F

  41. Id use the baby k’tan when i need to get stuff done at home and my son wont let me because he wants to be held. Id also use it when grocery shopping!

  42. Everywhere! At home, store, park with my other 3 children! I have 4 kids and have yet to see a stroller for 4, hee hee! baby wearing would be my only refuge.

  43. Being in the city, we rarely use the stroller- it’s all about carrying!

  44. I babywear EVERYWHERE! Mostly shopping though. And walks. πŸ™‚

  45. I would love to give this to my daughter she is expecting her first little one soon, I know she would wear it EVERYWHERE!

  46. I didn’t babywear with my daughter, but for my next one I will definitely be trying it. I would babywear anywhere!

  47. I would babywear anywhere I could!

  48. I want to share with a friend who is expecting

  49. I would babywear everywhere including around the house. Hiking is my favourite though

  50. Everywhere! I have a 2 year old, and am a few weeks away from having another, so being able to tend to both at the same time sounds SO appealing!!

  51. Kristin Williams

    Would love to try this!!

  52. I would wear it everywhere!! This would be ideal when I go for my daily walks, shopping, and around the house so I could get more accomplished. Thank you so much for the generous offer…

  53. What size k’tan are you wearing ?

    • Beck, I am wearing the small size. I think I would try a size up next time as it started feeling snug after a while.

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