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A Dad’s Toolbox Father’s Day Gift and Free Printable

A Dads Toolbox Fathers Day Gift and Printable. Click the picture to view the tutorial.Father’s Day is just around the corner! Have you decided on a gift yet? We love to give things that are meaningful and thoughtful, especially when they are homemade and generally inexpensive. Last year we did the “Tied Together” gift (see the post here.) This year, we have a couple things up our sleeve. The first is a homemade canvas print with a poem made for dads. 

The “A Dad’s Toolbox” gift can be personalized easily and can even be paired with a toolbox containing the items listed if desired (dads love tools!) Frame it, make a custom kid-made frame (like this Nuts and Bolts picture frame from One Time Through), or make a custom canvas print like I did (you can do this with wood too and even add the nuts and bolts like at the link above)!

Because I love all my readers, I am offering my printable for FREE to you!

A-Dads-Toolbox-Printable-GiftCustom Canvas Print

What You Need


1. Paint the canvas. As I mentioned, I painted mine brown then let it dry and added gold accents to give the look of wood. You can do any color or pattern you wish that would look good with the printable; perhaps Dad’s favorite color. Don’t forget the edges. Let dry.

A Dads Toolbox Fathers Day Gift Step 12. Add a thin layer of Mod Podge to the canvas using a foam brush.

3. Carefully apply the printable to the canvas. If you trimmed the piece so it is no longer the size of the canvas, make sure you center it. Carefully flatten the paper onto the canvas.

A Dads Toolbox Fathers Day Gift Step 24. Let the canvas dry briefly.

5. Add a generous layer of Mod Podge to the canvas, covering the printable, especially the paper edges so it stays attached. Let dry. (The coloring in the final is a little bit off as I re-printed the picture with low ink.)

A Dads Toolbox Fathers Day Gift Step 36. If needed, add a mounting bracket to the back to hang.

If you choose to give an actual toolbox with this gift, here are the items to include (affiliate links):

A Dads Toolbox Fathers Day Gift. Click the picture to get the tutorial.

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  1. This is super cute and a nice gift for a Dad.

  2. I love this! What a creative homemade gift that you can do with your kids (no matter the age) to show Dad how much you appreciate him!!

  3. How cute, I know a certain dad who would love this.

  4. Love this! Thank you. I like every craft project had to make it my own. Hope you don’t mind but I tweeked it a bit.

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