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Keep Them Close with Minted

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Minted Personalized Gifts. Click here to read the review.Ever since I had kids I have been obsessed with photo gifts. They are such a great, unique way to preserve memories with loved ones and can really help when there is a lot of distance that comes between you and your family. I am excited to sort of informally share with you about our experience with Minted.

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I decided to order the State Photo Art, Personalizable Wrapping Paper, and one of the Kids’ Stationery products.

One of the first reasons we ever started ordering photo gifts was because we had family very far away who was unable to see our newborn. While it isn’t the same as the person being there, it can be a great comfort just having those pictures seen and used daily.

Over Christmas we were unable to go back home to see family, so I wanted to send my grandma something special since she has always been a huge blessing to us, especially when my husband was away. I decided to send her one of the State Photo Art pieces that was the state she lives in with pictures of our family so that we could “be there” when we really can’t be there. She loved it! I decided to get another state photo gift for my husband so he can think of home, the place where his heart (his family) is.

Minted Photo Art State Shapes. Click the picture to read the review.The quality is amazing. I did not realize how good it was when I sent it as a gift, but when it arrived at our home it is very well-made and the picture is very clear. We ordered one with a frame and it is very sturdy and beautiful. The hanging piece on the back is actually a metal wire strand that is so much easier to use than the typical tiny nailed in pieces you see on most photo wall decor.

When I saw the Personalizable Wrapping Paper I was over-the-moon excited. I mean, how cool is that?! Not only can this be used to give special gifts at Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, etc., but it can also be used to line care packages to send to loved ones at a distance! Just imagine seeing their faces light up when they open the box and see pictures of you, your family, your little ones, a beloved pet.

Minted Photo Wrapping Paper. Click the picture to read the review.The wrapping paper is pre-cut and comes in sets of at least 5 sheets. It is actually very thick and sturdy which I was not expecting, so that was a happy surprise. The picture quality is also very clear and bright.

Now, I know the last item I ordered is not a photo gift, but it is something that will be awesome to send to loved ones–the Kids’ Stationery. We could have chosen photo gift options, but we decided on these cards with a cute beetle car on them. My son chose the color he wanted from blue, red, and yellow and these are his special stationery cards to write letters and send pictures to loved ones as he learns more to write and draw.

Minted Kids' Stationery. Click the picture to read the review.The reason we decided to choose these over the photo gifts is because, rather than doing “Punch Buggy” or “Slug Bug” when we see beetle cars, we blow kisses! After all, they are also “love bugs” and we figured it was a lot kinder than beating each other up. Now every time we send one of these stationery cards we are not only sending a special note, we are also sending a two-way kiss! We blow a kiss when we send it and get one blown back to us once the beetle is seen by the recipient.

These cards also have a very vibrant and beautiful coloring and are on a very sturdy card stock. They even come with envelopes and a nice box for storing them.

Getting married? Check out Minted’s wedding invitations too!

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