5 Ways to Show Someone You Care

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Coca-Cola 5 Ways to Show Someone You Care. Click the picture to read more.

One of the best ways to let someone know you care is not by telling them, it’s by showing them. Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Sunday is Mother’s Day. What better time to take a minute to encourage and thank others. I want to share a few ways you can show someone you care, even by something as simple as Sharing a Coke this summer.

Coca-Cola makes sharing with someone important in your life so easy with its personalized bottles. They have proper names (I found mine!) and generic cans like BFF or ones with smiley faces.

As a spouse and a mom (whose birthday is coming up too) I decided for once I would do something for myself. I found a Coke that had my name written all over it (literally, it said my name) and made it a special reward after a typical busy day. Share a Coke with yourself!

Coca-Cola Summer SelfieBut wait, there’s more! Once I finish the bottle and clean it out I’m going to make it into an anniversary gift for my husband. He is, shall we say, obsessed with Coca-Cola products. It is his favorite drink and he loves collecting branded items. I am going to give him a “message in a bottle.” I’ll write different things I love and appreciate about him on strips of paper, fill the bottle up with them, and write “Happy Anniversary, love…” over where it says my name. He means the world to me, so this will be the perfect way to show him that.

I also am using these awesome Coca-Cola products to show other military spouses that I care. Been there, done that, and I know how much it means to have others supporting you.

Coca-Cola Share Your SummerMilitary spouses are often overlooked, mostly because they are not the ones being deployed or going into battle. You know what, spouses? You do so much on the homefront. Trust me, I know. You hold down the fort and you often sacrifice your own choices and life goals to accommodate military life. You may not deploy, you don’t have your spouse’s rank, but you do deserve some recognition.

These tips below are mostly for showing to military spouses that you care, but these can be used for anyone! Mother’s Day, birthdays, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day are all times set aside to make a little extra effort to reach out and lend a hand or thank someone or brighten someone’s day.

1. Share a Coke

Coca-Cola Personalized Share a Coke

You can find a personalized Coke bottle with your friend’s name or another special message and hand it out to let that person know you are thinking about him/her.

2. Give Flowers

Coca-Cola Flower VaseFlowers, while a bit cliché, are a great way to show you care. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just something beautiful and thoughtful. Your friend can use the Coca-Cola bottle as a vase!

3. Bring a Meal

Especially if the person you know is on his/her own right now, maybe a single mom or the spouse of someone deployed, bringing a meal (and some Coke!) can be a great show of love and a huge burden lifted. Without help, making dinner can be a challenge or just feel pointless, so a meal will be more appreciated than you may ever realize. If you cannot bring a meal, take your friend out for lunch or dinner! (Psst, did you know you can make some great recipes with Coca-Cola? Check out their site for ideas.)

4. Watch the Kids/Give Your Time

Coca-Cola Pedicure Girls Night

If the one you care about has children, watch them! While I love being a mom, even when I’m alone with them for long periods, I know I would appreciate a break now and then. Offer to take the kids for an hour or two so your friend has some time alone or have your spouse watch the kids so you can go out for pampering like a Coca-Cola and pedicure girl’s night or retail therapy.

5. Bring a Basket

Coca-Cola Gift Basket

One way I am trying to show spouses that I care is by bringing baskets to those I know whose husbands are away. Watch for a more detailed post coming soon with basket filler ideas to show spouses of the deployed that you care.

You do not have to spend a bunch of money to say “thank you” or “I care” to someone. You just have to step out and show them.

Coca-Cola 5 Ways to Show Someone You Care About Them. Click the picture to read more.

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-Who will you Share a Coke with this summer? Do you have any special plans? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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    • Definitely! You don’t have to do anything big and extravagant to make someone know they are cared for and loved.

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