Building a Firm Foundation | Kids’ Devotional

Building a Firm Foundation Kids DevotionalRead Matthew 7:21-29.

The Three Little Pigs, Revisited:

Once upon a time, there lived a family of pigs. Daddy Pig and Mommy Pig decided their boys were old enough to live on their own, so they sent them to market to buy goods to build themselves homes.

At the market, they had all the goods you could imagine…building supplies, fresh fruits, fancy jewelry, roast beef sandwiches. They grabbed a quick bite to eat, then headed to the construction area for materials.

The oldest pig was very frugal. Perhaps too frugal. He told the salesman he would purchase the cheapest material he could for his home, something that would be very easy to transport. “We have straw,” the salesman offered. “I’ll take it!” replied the oldest pig.

The middle pig was willing to spend a little more money, but wanted something that was easier and quicker to build with. “Do you have any sticks?” asked Pig. “We sure do!” answered the salesman. He bought up all the sticks and put the bundle into his wagon.

The littlest pig thought long and hard. “I want it to be strong,” he considered to himself, “to stand up to weather or dangerous animals.” He looked at the salesman, “Please be honest with me. Which material would you recommend for my home?” Without hesitating, the salesman suggested bricks and mortar. “I will purchase those, kind salesman,” said Pig. Pig loaded up his wagon and the three little pigs headed back to build their homes.

The littlest pig struggled to pull his heavy wagon over the mountainous hills and through the tall grass. “You should have picked something light, like I did. You would have saved money and a backache,” teased the oldest pig.

When they reached the land where they were to build their homes, they laid out their materials and got to work. The oldest pig struggled to stack the flimsy straw, but he managed to set it up in only a couple of hours. The middle pig threw his house together in a hurry. “Sticks are so easy to build with. Look at me, I’m already done. You should have gotten sticks for your house and not had to work so hard,” the middle pig boasted. The youngest pig kept working. 

Littlest pig worked all day long; he did not finish building his home until it was almost dark and sweat was pouring down his face. He headed inside to relax and read a book before bed.

The next morning, the oldest pig received a visit from the Big Bad Wolf. “I think I’d like some bacon for breakfast,” drooled the wolf. Knock knock knock. “Oh Pig, would you let me in? I would love to join you for breakfast,” sang Wolf. “No way!” shouted the oldest pig. “Then I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down,” the wolf growled angrily, blowing a big gust of air at the house. Whoosh, the straw flew this way and that.

Lunch time came and the wolf’s tummy grumbled. “I think I’d like a ham sandwich for lunch,” sneered the Big Bad Wolf. He made his way up to the middle pig’s home. Knock knock knock. “Oh Pig, will you eat lunch with this lonely old wolf?” he implored. “Not a chance!” cried the middle pig. “Then I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down,” the wolf growled angrily, blowing an even bigger gust of air at the stick house. Whooooosh, the sticks tumbled to the ground.

Dinner time rolled around and Wolf had already made plans. He knew there was another little pig living in the brick home. He was the littlest of them all, so surely he would make the easiest meal. “Pork chops sound mouthwatering,” thought the Big Bad Wolf as he walked to the door. Knock knock knock. “Oh Pig, I came to ask you for dinner. May I come in?” the wolf inquired. “I know what you’re getting at, and you’re not going to turn me into food today,” the littlest pig stated. “Then I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down,” the wolf growled angrily, blowing the biggest gust of air he could. Whooooooosh. Whooooooooooosh. It wasn’t working. The littlest pig smiled. He had built his home on a firm foundation and stayed safe from the Big Bad Wolf.

Three Little PigsYou have surely heard the story of the Three Little Pigs before. There is a story very similar in the Bible of two men who were building homes. Read Luke 6:48-49. The two older pigs were like the foolish man who did not build his home on a firm foundation. When the winds came, their houses fell flat. The youngest pig is like the wise man; he built his home on a strong foundation. It may have not had as great a view. It may not have been as convenient and surely was more difficult to build, but it stood firm when those strong winds came.

Just like these homes in the two stories above, we need to build our lives on a firm foundation. If we build it on the world, money, other people, our foundations will fail when trials blow our way and the Big Bad Wolf (Satan) comes seeking to destroy us. However, if we build our lives on God and Word, we will have a firm foundation that cannot be shaken. He will shelter us from the storm. Read 2 Timothy 2:19. God’s foundation is sure.

Life Application

Build your life on the LORD God.


Sing “The Wise Man Built His House” (lyrics here.) Do the hand motions if you know them!

Make three little piggies using foam, glue, buttons, and a marker.

Three Little Piggies Foam CraftBuild your own small houses around the piggies using straws, sticks/toothpicks/cotton swabs, and building bricks. Ask your child which building material he or she thinks will be the strongest and why. Blow a big gust of wind at each house and see which ones stands.

Three Little Pigs Devotional ProjectThe LEGO bricks should stand firm because they connect to each other and are sturdy and well-built. It make take a little longer to build. You may have a hard time finding the exact pieces you want. The end result, however, will be worth it, just as building your life on the LORD.

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