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Homemade Mixed Nut Butter Recipe

Mixed Nut Butter Homemade Recipe. Click the picture for the recipe.My boys love peanut butter and just can’t get enough of it. Usually we just pick up the sugary store-bought version because it is convenient, but I decided to try making some myself without the added sugar and preservatives. Instead of just using peanuts, I used mixed nuts to give it a more layered flavor. Guess what I learned. Making homemade nut butter is really easy!

Sharing a recipe with you is not even necessary as this is so simple. Really. All you need to have is the container or nuts and a food processor. You can use just about any kind of nuts you want and, if you choose, you can always add some agave syrup or honey or cinnamon or chocolate, etc., for a sweeter or more unique flavor. (This recipe would go great with some Homemade Strawberry Jam–grab this recipe from The Life of Jennifer Dawn.)

There are a few stages to making your own nut butter. The first stage is making finely chopped nuts. You don’t need to stop in between the steps, but I did because I found the change in consistency to be interesting and it allowed me to puree until it reached the consistency I desired.

1. Pour the mixed nuts into your food processor and puree until you have made chopped nuts.

Mixed Nut Butter Step 12. Continue to puree and a sort of paste will form. It may seem like it’s never going to smooth out, but stick with me.

Mixed Nut Butter Step 23. Puree a little longer. The nuts will begin to clump up into a dough. Don’t worry, it’s coming.

Mixed Nut Butter Step 34. Finally, the nuts will release their natural oils and the dough will begin to smooth out. You can continue to puree until it reaches the consistency you wish. I over-did mine a little as I was busy taking pictures, so it’s almost a sauce consistency (perfect for adding to ice cream or easily smoothing onto bread.) You can leave it chunky and thick, relatively smooth and creamy, or puree even longer to make a sort of sauce texture.

Mixed Nut Butter Step 4Store the nut butter in a cute jar (I just washed and re-used one I’d had from something else rather than purchasing canning or mason jars.) I cannot honestly say how long the nut butter will store; you have not added preservatives, so I say just use your judgment. I am sure you can find it online somewhere if you look, though I don’t think you will need to as this fresh nut butter is nearly irresistible and will likely be eaten up quickly.

Mixed Nut ButterSpread your nut butter onto sandwiches or crackers, dip apples in it or fill up a stick of celery, drizzle onto ice cream, use to make a Thai peanut dish, eat it plain…there are so many possibilities.

Mixed Nut Butter Recipe. Click the picture to get the recipe.

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-What’s your favorite type of nut butter?


  1. I love almond butter, we use the raw nuts. Everything tastes better when you know what’s in it!

  2. I’ve not yet tried making a nut butter with mixed nuts. I’d like to try it. I’ve noticed lately the stores are adding oils to the nut butters (as though their natural oil isn’t enough?) and that is at the health food stores’ own brands and name brands. Time to make homemade.

    • It’s so easy! And you can make any amount you want. I much prefer this to the sugar-and-preservatives-filled ones we used to buy.

  3. I make my own mixed nut butter.. nuts, honey & a food processor. I know it will last longer if I keep in in the refrigerator. Can I leave it out and if so for how long?
    Thank you

    • Hi Barbara Jean, based on my research it looks like it can last for about one month when stored unrefrigerated, as long as it is sealed properly and kept out of the heat.

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