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Time Flies with Shutterfly

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Time Flies with Shutterfly Photo Gifts. Click the picture to read more.Ever since my oldest son was born, we have been using Shutterfly products as a way to keep in touch with distant family members. When they receive their photo gifts, it always puts a smile on their faces because they are able to see our family even when we can’t really be there and it makes time seem to go by just a little faster until the next time we see them.

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The same holds true with deployments. The first couple times my husband was away, Shutterfly products were a huge help to getting us through. We had pictures all over, photo pillows, a blanket that had a picture of him with his arms outstretched so they’d wrap around when we wrapped up in the blanket, we even sent him photo gifts. They also helped us preserve memories during our separation so we could fill each other in when we were together again.

Shutterfly is always adding new products and I want to share an informal review of some of the ones I really, really love.

Shutterfly Photo Phone Cases. Click the picture to learn more.The phone cases are amazing! Shutterfly currently has phone cases for iPhones (6, 6 Plus, 5/5s, 5c, and 4/4s) as well as Samsung Galaxy (S3, S4, and S5.) I have the Samsung Galaxy S4, so that is the case that I purchased. There are different styles to choose from too–glossy/matte finish, case with liner, slim case, and iPhones even have a battery case.

I loved that there were so many different layout options. Originally I’d wanted one with a single photo, but when I saw the amazing collage I ended up choosing, I knew I wanted to add multiple pictures. I cannot stop looking at my phone. Really. It even got me through a blood draw at the doctor’s office (and it even got a few compliments from the nurses there!) This will be perfect when I am waiting for a call from my husband while he’s away.

The phone case quality is great. It is flexible but has a hard cover. It is pretty thick and sturdy too, which is great because I tend to drop my phone a lot. The buttons can be difficult to press at times, but I’m getting the hang of it and overall the case is amazing.

Phone case pictures courtesy of Grimm Photography.

Shutterfly Photo Candles. Click the picture to read more.I also chose one of their new candles! My husband loves to burn candles, so we pretty much burn one every day. Even when he’s gone, I continue burning candles daily to remember him. What better way to remember him than by burning a candle that has his picture on it?!

The picture is a sticker that’s attached to the front, it is not etched in, but it is stuck on securely and seamlessly. The picture quality is nice and clear and the candle is very well made and I adore the “Forever and Ever” design I received.

Shutterfly has several different scents to choose from as well. I chose Grapefruit Blossom and it smells delightful. They also offer Amber & Pumpkin, Evergreen Forest, Fireside Spice, Garden Bouquet, Ocean Breeze, and Toasted Almond. When it burns out, try another scent with another picture then reuse the old jar to make my DIY Blueberry Basil Lemonade Citronella Candles!

Shutterfly Photo Puzzles. Click the picture to read more.Their photo puzzles are so cool! I have purchased a couple of their older versions in the past as well as a foam puzzle, so I wanted to see what they are like now.

Each puzzle has 252 pieces and comes in a sturdy box with the picture on the top, just like if you were to purchase a puzzle at the store (but even sturdier!) The photo quality is far better than I thought it would be, and I already thought it would be great. I was nervous putting text on it, but the text can be read clearly.

I chose a picture that resembled time we have spent together. My boys found a creek near our house and sometimes go there to toss dandelions in and watch how the water current carries them away. What a special memory with Daddy! I knew this was something I had to preserve.

Every time I see this picture, it reminds me of Psalm 23, so I wanted to add the first three verses. Each time we put this puzzle together, we can remember how God loves and cares for us. He knows what we need and gives even more than that. He leads us. This is an incredible comfort when we are going through trials in life, like family separation.

One idea that I had to make deployments or any separation go by more quickly is to put together a piece or two of the puzzle each day Mommy/Daddy is gone and use this as a countdown. You can have a certain table set aside or use a puzzle mat to store it away. Start from the outside and work in. As the puzzle progresses, so will the separation. It will help the time fly by more quickly. Once the puzzle is complete, your family will be complete again.

Times Flies with Shutterfly. Click the picture to read the review.These are just a few of the awesome photo products Shutterfly carries.

Shutterfly was featured in my deployment round-up! Check it out here.

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  1. That phone case is adorable – and I did NOT know they did candles too!

  2. I always use Shutterfly to print out my family’s pictures. I would like to get the photo phone case

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