Love Bug/Ladybug Cookie Balls Treat for Valentine’s Day



1. First, prepare the sandwich balls, without the chocolate, according to the recipe linked to on the first page (and below, if you missed it.)
Sandwich Cookie Balls Love Bug Step 1

2. Dip the cookie balls into the pink chocolate (or red) and immediately add some of the heart sprinkles (or black circles) onto the top. The chocolate will harden quickly, so do each individually.
Sandwich Cookie Balls Love Bug Step 2

3. Stick the cookie balls back into the fridge for a few minutes to harden. Meanwhile, pick out the jimmies sprinkles and candy eyes you’d like and melt the purple (or black) chocolate.

4. Take the cookie balls back out of the refrigerator. Dip one end into the purple chocolate to make the face. If you had a little chocolate that dripped down on one side, leave it and add the purple to the opposite side! It will look like the underside where the bug’s wings are stored.
Sandwich Cookie Balls Love Bug Step 3

5. While the chocolate is still wet on each piece, add two candy eyes then add two sprinkle jimmies on the top for antennae.

6. Stick the candies back in the refrigerator for another hour until hardened.

7. Before serving, use the edible color markers to draw a little smile on each of the bugs underneath the eyes.
Sandwich Cookie Balls Love Bug Smile

Keep refrigerated.

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Sandwich Cookie Balls Love Bug Cover

Will you make a love bug or a ladybug? What flavor cookie will you use? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I love lady bugs! These are so cute! The kids would really love these.

  2. These are just adorable and my daughter loves to cook and she would have fun with making this treat!

  3. oh how sweet! These should be in a magazine! and they are easy, too! I can hear the giggles and gobbles of happy kids!!!

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  5. These love bugs are so cute, too cute to eat. 🙂

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