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Love Bug Bookmark Craft

This adorable love bug bookmark is a fun and simple Valentine's Day craft for children and also makes a great Valentine's Day card to hand out in the classroom.Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Something I love to do for Valentine’s Day is give my time and love to my children and to others. A great way to give some of your time and bond with your children for the holiday is to do crafts together.

I love crafts because they are simple and step-by-step, so they are perfect for parents who maybe don’t consider themselves artistic; now those parents can work on arts and crafts with the kids where they may not have otherwise. Crafts allow you to do exactly as shown for simplicity or change things up a little to make them your own. Sometimes I will make one craft and let my children do their own versions that, though they don’t look just like the picture, are perfect in their own way.

Here is a great Love Bug Bookmark I shared over on Mommy Daddy Blog! You can let your children design them however they want to. Grab the full step-by-step instructions here.

What book will you use your Love Bug Bookmark in?

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  1. Doing crafts is a great way to spend time with the kids. This is really cute, the kids would enjoy making it.

  2. The craft idea is so cute and we love doing crafts at my house and my daughter would love to make this. Thanks for a cute craft idea!

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