String Cheese Dress Up Family Challenge

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As a child, I used to love playing dress up. Some days I would be a doctor, Laura Ingles Wilder, or a referee. I would even dress up my puppy. Now that I have children of my own, I make a point to provide dress up materials so they can experience the wonders of imagination.

The other day, my oldest son, E, asked to dress up our birds like Luke Skywalker. HAAA. I don’t think these parrots would go for that. Since we don’t have a dog (and we cannot dress up our turtle or fish), we decided on some pet-free dress up play using Frigo® Cheese Heads® string cheese in the wrappers.

We made the activity a “dress up challenge.”
Frigo Cheese Heads

My challenge needed to provide:


A fun family activity

Bonding time

 Creative freedom

A reason to eat a nutritious snack


I absolutely love that these family challenges can be enjoyed together, at most ages, and provide unique bonding experiences.

With spring break coming up, this is the perfect activity to pass the time together. Speaking of time together, I want to take a break from my story to let you know about a wonderful opportunity for some really awesome family time. Frigo Cheese Heads is hosting a promotion to win an Unforgettable String Break, 6 days/5 nights vacation to Hawaii! You can enter here.

Imagine how much fun it would be to bring along a few craft supplies and have a Hawaiian-themed dress up challenge!
Gather your family and some supplies for this String Cheese Dress Up Activity craft challenge! ad
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Back to our activity

Since my children are young, we didn’t use a challenge like “who can make the best ___” in five minutes, though you could do that. Instead, we gathered several random craft and household items we had around, laid them out on a table, and I challenged the boys and myself to come up with unique ways to decorate the string cheese wrappers using those items on hand.

String Cheese Dress Up Supplies


Our stash included:

  • a permanent marker
  • a paint chip
  • a cotton ball
  • feathers
  • construction paper
  • googly eyes (I love this variety pack because you get so many options)
  • school glue

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Dapper Gentleman

I wanted my first design to be simple. The first thing that popped into my head was a mustache. Of course, it is only natural that a top hat and spectacle were to follow, so I added those, as well as some googly eyes to make a handsome (and dapper) gentleman.String Cheese Gentleman


I imagined a bride to go with the gentleman, so I used some tulle, a feather, googly eyes, and a gem decoration to top it off. The feather makes a beautiful, flowing dress and the tulle made a nice little hat or veil.String Cheese Bride

1920s Woman

I loved adding the dress, so I wanted to do another beautiful dress design for the next one. The dress was made of construction paper that I trimmed to the size of the string cheese, then I cut a bunch of thin slits about 1-1 1/2 inches long to make a fringe-looking bottom. I added a face, stretched out a small cotton ball and glued it on as hair, then cut a tiny piece off of one of the feathers and glued that on as a hairpiece.String Cheese Fancy Girl

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Bright and Cheery Girl

Three string cheese designs…I couldn’t stop there! If you follow my blog often (subscribe to my newsletter!) then you may know that I tend to do extra on a lot of things. But hey, when you’re having that much fun, why stop? I decided that my last one would be a girl with a giant bow and a brightly-colored outfit.

I cut a top out of the paint color chip, glued tiny polka dot buttons onto it, and then added a part of a feather underneath as a skirt. To top it all off, I cut out a big, red bow from construction paper and glued everything in place.String Cheese Girl


I mentioned earlier that this was a family activity. Well, you just have to see what my boys created! They make me so proud!!

Continue reading to see their designs!

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  1. These are so adorable – I love how the kids helped!

  2. My grandson loves string cheese. I never thought to have fun and be so creative with them like this.

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