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DIY Yoda Cupcakes

Yoda Cupcakes Tutorial Star WarsAs promised, I am sharing with you the Yoda Cupcakes featured in my Star Wars Rebels Party Theme on a Budget post. They are not as difficult to make as they look! 

My son thought these were pretty cool (plus, they’re tasty!) If you have a Star Wars lover in your house, he or she will adore these.

Below I am going to show you a simple, step-by-step way to make these cute party treats. Follow the instructions to make your own awesome Star Wars themed Yoda cupcakes. You can totally make these!

[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.”

What You Need

  • Bugles Original (chips)
  • Green melting chocolate chips
  • White cake mix (baked into cupcakes–use green liners)
  • Cake frosting (you can make your own or buy from the store–I picked up some white frosting at our grocery store’s bakery)
  • Green food coloring
  • Yellow food coloring
  • Small candy eyes
  • Green decorating gel
  • Green chewy, moldable candy (I used a Tootsie Roll)
  • Supplies: wax paper, 2 frosting bags, 2 couplers, frosting tips (wide round tip for the first layer–I used a #12, medium round tip for details–I used a #5, small round tip for the eyes), toothpick, green candle


1. Bake the cupcakes in green liners and let cool completely.

2. Melt the green chocolate according to the package instructions. Dip the bugles into the chocolate, covering the outside completely (remove excess if needed), then place onto a piece of wax paper. Let cool and harden.

Yoda Cupcakes Step3. Reserve a small amount of white frosting for the eyes and color the rest green with a little yellow (until it looks a Yoda color.)

Yoda Cupcakes Step 24. Add the frosting into the bags. If you aren’t familiar with cake decorating, you will first want to put a coupler into a decorating bag. Mark where you will need to cut off the tip then cut the pointed tip straight so the coupler pokes through with an opening for the tip. Place the coupler back inside the bag, place on the tip you want, then tighten down with the coupler ring. Fold the top of the icing bag down before you fill with frosting to avoid a big mess.

The white frosting will use the smallest tip and the green will use the two larger. The first tip you need for the green will be the largest round tip.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 15. Using the larger tip with the green, add a layer of frosting to the tops of the cupcakes. You can flatten this if you wish, but I just left it as it was since Yoda is quite wrinkly anyway.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 36. Using the medium tip and the green, make a cheekbone line/positional marker a little under halfway down (see the picture for a better feel of this step and the few following.)

Yoda Cupcakes Step 47. Make an oval shape in the center of the cheekbone line, over and under and overlapping the line. This will be the mouth area and chin.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 58. Add a little frosting above the oval shape to make a nose.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 69. Frost on a curvy brow line.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 710. Give Yoda’s head some depth by adding extra frosting to the forehead. This will allow for deeper wrinkles.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 811. Use the toothpick to break the oval into an upper lip and lower lip/chin area. If you pick up extra frosting while doing this, just wipe it off of the toothpick onto a napkin. Still using the toothpick, add wrinkles to the forehead (one vertical in the center overlapping the brow line, one vertically on either side of the center wrinkle, and two horizontal lines intersecting the vertical wrinkles. 

Yoda Cupcakes Step 912. Take out the white frosting and the smallest tip to add some football-shaped eyes under the brow line.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1013. Place the candy eyes in the center of each football shape.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1114. Add some green gel around the pupil of the eyes to give Yoda his signature green eyes.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1215. Pull the paper cupcake liner back just slightly where you want the ears (the chocolate-covered Bugles) then very gently press them into place. If needed, add a little more green frosting behind them for stability. You can also add a little more frosting over the brow line to make it pop more.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1316. For the birthday boy or girl, you can make this fun hand holding a lightsaber (candle.) Squish the chewy candy in your hands to soften it a little and remove a small piece (this will be the thumb.)

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1417. Gently push a birthday candle through the wide end of the candy.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1518. Use a toothpick to give the candy the look of a hand grasping something (look at your hand if you need to reference how it will look.) Yoda has two fingers and a thumb (I did four on mine, but three would be more accurate.)

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1619. Stick the thumb piece on the back to make the fist.

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1720. Make a hole in the side of the cupcake through the liner, taking care not to get paper shoved into the cupcake (You may need to cut a small opening first then pull it to the side a bit.)

Yoda Cupcakes Step 1821. Give the back of the arm a slight point and shove it into the hole. The candle may keep rotating, so if you plan to eat it right away you can let the candle touch the plate or refrigeration will firm the cake to hold it in place as well.

For extra fun, look for the colored birthday candles that burn the same color as the candle! These definitely make the lightsaber candle even neater.

Star Wars Rebel Party Yoda Cupcakes with CandleMay the Force be with you in your cupcake ventures! Yoda man! (Sorry, I had to.) Enjoy your Yoda cupcakes and come back later this week for a glow-in-the-dark lightsaber tutorial!

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