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DIY Glowing Monster/Alien Pendant

Glowing Monster Alien Pendant Tutorial

We just had a birthday party. Leftover glow sticks galore. “What on earth do we need all these glow sticks for?” I questioned myself. Have you ever had this dilemma? I seem to have it a lot.

I went in my craft room (aka my everything-I-can-stuff-in-here closet beneath the staircase) and started digging through my supplies. Three over-filled storage containers later, I found them. Googly eyes…markers…fuzzy fabric…

Have you ever had a light bulb moment? You know, the kind where you imagine a light bulb being turned on next to you? Ya, I had one of those, only it was a glow stick being cracked and shaken til it lit up. Halloween is right around the corner, and it gets dark pretty quickly…what if I made these into cute decorated pendants to keep track of my kids?!

Eyes. Lots of eyes…I knew I had to make monsters and aliens because it was just too perfect for the occasion. These monster/alien glowing pendants are so much fun year-round, but especially for nighttime events like trick-or-treating as a safety precaution. These would also make great crafts or party favors for monster or alien-themed parties.

My oldest son has trouble with his room being completely dark at night. I had made him one of these and, when he went to bed, he hung it up on his art easel. What a great idea! Why let the glow fade out during sleep when it can be used as a night light? Might as well get the most of out it! It’s a monster buddy that can scare all the “bad monsters” away. Yes, he went through the “monsters in my closet” stage and this got him through it.

What You Need


1. Because we will be gluing things to these glow sticks, your first step will be to activate them! I would recommend making these the day you plan to use them. Just crack and shake to activate the glow.

2. Cut a small piece of craft fur that will fit along the base of the stick and glue it on.

Glowing Monster Alien Pendant Step 1

3. Glue on the eyeballs, as many as you want all over. Try one big one or a bunch of small ones. Get creative!

Glowing Monster Alien Pendant Step 2

4. Draw on a silly face. Add a smile, eyelashes, maybe even a big nose.

Glowing Monster Alien Necklace

5. If you used any glue besides hot glue, you will probably need to let the glue dry so you can hang the necklaces up somewhere during this time.

Glowing Monster Alien Pendant Necklace

Bonus Tip: Use your imagination! We kept ours simple, but you can make your monster/alien fit your personality. Use a few colors of fur, add hair to the top, add beads to make silly ears, add a little glitter, whatever you like!

Glowing Monster Alien Pendant

-Where will you wear your Glowing Monster/Alien Pendant? Share with me in the comments below!

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  1. OMG!!! I’m SO going to the Dollar Tree this afternoon and making these with my kids!

  2. Such a cute idea – thanks for sharing! I pinned it on Pinterest!

  3. That is so fun! I always “over glow stick” the kids on Halloween – this would be a way to make them fun where they weren’t rolling their eyes at me! haha

    • Thank you! Haha too funny. We used this for my son and he was pointing out all the other kids with glow sticks but noticed his was the only one with a face and fur on it! He felt pretty special!

  4. Very cute idea!

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