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Turkey-Shaped Turkey Sandwich Lunch Idea

My son loves when I create designs with his lunch. He eats a lot of turkey sandwiches and with Thanksgiving coming up, I decided it would be cute to make his turkey sandwich look like a turkey! Find out how you can too below. This is also a great way to feed your kids Thanksgiving leftovers!
This turkey-shaped turkey sandwich is such a fun lunch idea and perfect for fall or Thanksgiving school lunches | Sandwich | Lunch | School Lunch | Lunch Ideas | Turkey | Gobble Gobble | Thanksgiving | Fall Season | Autumn | Sandwich Shapes

You do not need to use turkey for this sandwich, that is the wonderful part. You can make this sandwich out of any type of sandwich your child enjoys eating. Cut off the crust if you need to and you can still make it!

What You Need

  • A sandwich (two slices of regular bread with your favorite ingredients–we used turkey and cheese.)
  • Cheddar cheese
  • White cheese (we used monterey jack cheese but you can also use mozzarella)
  • Black olives
  • A red Mike and Ike or piece of red pepper or even a little bit of cranberry sauce
  • A sharp knife



1. First step is to have your sandwich fully made.
Turkey Shaped Sandwich Bread
2. Cut out the turkey shape using a sharp knife. For the body, cut a bowling pin shape in the center. Cut pieces around the outside to make the tail. Make sure these cuts are completely through or the sandwich could tear. I used an up and down motion to avoid squishing or tearing the bread.
Turkey Shaped Sandwich Cut Lines
3. Cut an eye shape out of the white cheese and a small triangle for a beak out of the yellow cheese.
Turkey Shaped Sandwich Face
4. Cut tiny pieces of black olive to look like pupils for the eyes then place the candy piece, pepper, or cranberry sauce along the beak as the snood (the red piece off the beak.)
Turkey Shaped Turkey Sandwich
-What type of sandwich will you make into a turkey shape?



  1. This is adorable, thanks for the great idea!

  2. TracersCouponAffair (@tracersDEALS)

    This is awesome! I had a friend do something similar for her kiddos. You guys are sooo crafty!!

  3. This is absolutely fabulous!! I wish we could do this with our sandwiches at our daycare! Or at least in our Coquitlam Daycare would be nice… The kids would love it!

    • Thank you Jennifer! They would! It did not take long to make it either and you can do it with any type of sandwich you want!

  4. Betsy Rubendall Barnes

    Such an adorable idea! Leftover turkey would make perfect sandwiches for this cute idea! 🙂

  5. What a super cute idea! My grandson would love his sandwich like this.

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