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DIY Biplane-Inspired Cupcakes

Make Your Own Biplane Inspired Cupcakes Tutorial. Click the Picture to View the Instructions

You may remember that my baby boy’s 1st birthday party had a “First in Flight” theme that I shared a while back (click here to see the party post.) We had these adorable biplane cupcakes to celebrate–fun for the guests and perfectly sized for little one’s first taste of cake. As promised, here is the tutorial so you can make these cute cupcakes for yourself!

What You Need

  • Cupcakes (I made my own with white cake mix in blue paper muffin cupsaffiliate link), cooled completely
  • White frosting (make your own or most grocery stores will allow you to buy containers of their plain white frosting in the bakery which is what I did for convenience)
  • Frosting decorating bag and wide, round tip (affiliate link)
  • Hershey’s ROLO (or Kiss with the peak sliced off)
  • Blue decorating gel
  • Sugar wafers (I used yellow, lemon ones I found that were a little shorter; you can use any and trim them if needed)
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Sharp knife
  • Brown candy-coated chocolate (or peanut butter if there are no allergies) button-shaped candies
  • Melted baking chocolate/chocolate chips
  • Mike and Ike candies
  • Chocolate chips


1. Pipe large dots of white frosting on the entire top of each cupcake to make “clouds.”

Biplane Cupcake Frosting

2. While the frosting is still wet, place a ROLO on each cupcake near the center, pushing down slightly.

Biplane Cupcakes Rolo

3. Draw on a little “cockpit” along the top of the ROLO using the blue gel.

Biplane Cupcakes Blue Gel

4. Place one sugar wafer above the blue gel and one along the bottom of the ROLO to create the wings then press them down lightly to stick them into place.

Biplane Cupcakes Wafer Wings5. Using the sharp knife, trim the ends of pretzel sticks to fit flush in between the top and bottom wings.

Pretzel Sticks

6. Put the pretzels into place on both sides of the plane to create the posts and press down lightly.

Biplane Cupcakes with Pretzel Poles

7. Place two candy-coated candy buttons vertically into the frosting below the plane for the wheels.

Biplane Cupcakes Chocolate Candy Wheels

8. Now dip the ends of two Mike and Ike candies into the melted chocolate, at the same time, and remove carefully, leaving a clump in the center. Place quickly onto the top of the ROLO candy, letting the leftover clump of chocolate keep them in place then top it with a chocolate chip and let the melted chocolate harden.

Biplane Cupcakes Propeller

*Serve as soon as possible (if you let these sit out too long, they will still taste great, but the wafers may get a little soggy.)

Biplane Inspired Cupcakes Decorating Tutorial. Click on the photo to view the step-by-step tutorial.Biplane Cupcakes Party Dessert. Click the Picture to View the Tutorial.

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  1. That is so cute! I bet everyone at the party loved them.

  2. Kimberly Bergeron

    You’re such a creative mom and blogger! Nice job!

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