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Cactus Resilience Quote Coloring Page for Adults

This month’s adult coloring page theme is “cactus.” I was on an airplane headed to Chicago and had some time to spare, so I was sketching out some ideas. I don’t know if it was the high altitude or the solitude without the kids, but it got me thinking…getting in touch with my philosophical side you could say…cacti are quite resilient, aren’t they?

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Put a cactus in the desert. It never knows when it’ll get watered. There isn’t much around to keep it company. Sometimes it can get really, really hot and just terrible drought conditions…yet it adapts to the environment, works through it, and keeps on growing. It protects itself with needles and decorates itself occasionally with flowers. Resilient through Life’s struggles.

Cactus Resilience Quote Coloring Page for Adults

Cactus Quote Coloring Page Square

We should consider the cactus and work through the tough situations Life throws our way, doing our best to prepare ourselves for trying times then adapt and come out stronger.

Cactus Quote Coloring Page Long

Now, this doesn’t mean we need to be strong and that we won’t struggle during the hard times, but it does mean that we will work to grow from it.

When I made our Succulent Fairy Garden, I learned that succulents and cacti aren’t ready right away to deal with water shortages. This is something they have to work up to once they are established. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t “feel” resilient. Just keep on. As a military spouse, I don’t feel very resilient with everything thrown my way, but in hind sight I have learned so much and it has better prepared me for future things that will come my way.

Cactus Quote Coloring Page Cover

Soon I will buy myself a cactus as a visual reminder of this lesson I learned, but for now I wanted to share it as a Cactus Resilience Quote Coloring Page for Adults that you can enjoy too. Color it and hang it in your house as a visual reminder to…

Be resilient like a cactus – thrive even in Life’s droughts.

To color this page, I used:

Cactus Quote Coloring Page Close

I admit, I’m not the best at watercolor. I’m still practicing (this is my second real try.). This just seemed like this image was an adult coloring page that needed to be painted with watercolor (of course it doesn’t, but in my head I pictured it watercolor painted.).

Download Your Free Cactus Resilience Quote Coloring Page

I started with watercolor paints then once they were finished I added more color with watercolor pencils. I used some water, let it dry, then added some more and left it pencil lines. I used a thin permanent chalk marker for the patterns/needles as the paint color had gotten on them and I wanted them white. Since the paint blurred some of the lines, I went back over it with a thin black marker.

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Have any tips for watercolor painting? Have you ever had a cactus? Share with me below!

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  1. Love the coloring pages you provide. I am recovering very slowly from a stroke and the coloring gives me something to pass the time.

    • I am so happy you are finding them comforting and useful! Thankful you are recovering alright and hope recovery speeds up. <3

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