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“Turtles Together” Turtle Coloring Page for Adults

This month’s coloring page theme is “turtles.” Truth be told, I have been very busy and was tempted to give the art pen to my pet turtle and let him have at it. You would have enjoyed abstract turtle-designed coloring pages, right? Inspired by Mother’s Day and having a little time to myself, I decided instead to create this turtle coloring page for adults.

“Turtles Together”
Enjoy this turtle coloring page for adults as a way to relieve stress and have a little me time. This adult coloring page has gorgeous patterned details and shows a grown up turtle and a baby turtle.
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The design is meant to be a mama turtle and her baby turtle, however, it also works as a daddy and baby turtle for Father’s Day, a grandparent and grandchild turtle, or just turtle friends. The main objective is to show the close bond of the turtles together.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day…my coloring book “Let’s Color Together” makes a great gift!

Together Turtles Coloring Page for Adults Square 2

“Turtles Together” Turtle Coloring Page for Adults

Look closely at the detailed designs on the turtles’ shells. These are fun to leave as is or color in a rainbow of colors. I chose to keep with a monochromatic green color scheme while mixing up colors on the detailed areas.

Together Turtles Coloring Page for Adults Close

My husband recommended I add a butterfly and a little fish to the page.

Together Turtles Coloring Page for Adults Fish

You already know I have a pet turtle (Snurtle), but our pet turtle also has a fish friend that lives with him. This goldfish was purchased as a feeder fish, because the pet store insisted the turtle would eat it and it would make him happy. The idea made me a little squeamish, but I love my turtle.

Well, I guess it made him squeamish too, because he never ate him. Instead, the two became good friends. Comic (the fish, named by E), and now the fish is just about the same size as Snurtle. They even fight over certain foods when it’s time to eat–chicken, raspberries, beans…who would have thought that little goldfish would befriend a turtle and gain his appetite. They are a hoot to watch!

Together Turtles Coloring Page for Adults Horizontal

To color this page, I used:

I started coloring this page using Copic markers. These lay a nice smooth, bold color down and prime the paper for the pencils. I then layered pencil and more marker, plus a little white chalk marker to brighten white areas. The pencil is perfect for adding texture to the ground, shading on the turtle, and flow to the water.

Download Your Free Turtles Together Turtle Coloring Page

Together Turtles Coloring Page for Adults Long

Love this page? Grab the full-color printable package with cards, wall decor, and desktop signs!

Turtle Together Mockup Collage

Love animals? You’ll love my “Whooodunnit?” Owl Coloring Page!

Do you love turtles? Sea turtles or land turtles…which do you like more? Do you have a pet turtle? Share with me below!

Help this coloring page come out of its shell and share this free printable turtle coloring page with your friends and family! You can share on social media, in an email, by word of mouth…by land or by sea. I’d also love for you to share your completed pages with me, either to [email protected], on my Facebook, tag @Artscrackers on Instagram or @AlyssaDarbyBlog on Twitter with the hashtag #ColoringTribe, or share in our Coloring Tribe Group! Seeing these pages enjoyed and colored by others makes it all worth it. I “heart” your support!

Keep reading for more FREE printable turtle-themed adult coloring pages!

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  1. Maria L Nihells

    So cute!! Love turtles!!

  2. I have a friend thet would love this! She owns a couple of turtles.

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