Kid-Made Paper Plate Pizza Craft

What is more fun than Family pizza night? My boys love eating pizza, even making homemade pizza. This time we decided to turn it into a craft with this kid-made Paper Plate Pizza craft which is both simple and allows the kids to express their likes and creativity.
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Top off family night or celebrate National Pizza Party Day with this kid made Paper Plate Pizza craft!**


This post was written as a guest post for Green Kid Crafts, a monthly subscription craft box for kids. Get the Paper Plate Pizza Craft instructions and tips on the Green Kid Crafts website.


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I also used to love when we would have pizza parties growing up, whether it was for school or an after school activity. Can’t bring in pizzas to eat (or just want an extra activity)? This Paper Plate Pizza craft is sure to bring a slice of joy to your home or classroom. May 19 is National Pizza Party Day, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate (and you can use items you probably already have around the house!


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Written by Alyssa Darby

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  1. Such a cute idea! It would great to turn this into some dramatic play, with the kids taking orders and working with pretend (or real!) money. They could even design a menu before making the pizzas!

  2. These are really cute ideas. What a great way for kids to have fun!

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