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Apple Cake Pops Teacher Gift Idea Inspired by “Ten Apples Up On Top”

Inspired by the children’s book Ten Apples Up on Top! by Dr. Seuss (writing as Theo.LeSeig), we decided to come up with some adorable apple cake pops or apple bon bons. These are fun to make with the kids and serve as singles, but they also make a great Dr. Seuss-inspired teacher gift idea when served as a set of 10 in a box!


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You can make these apple cake pops the typical way with baked cake or you can make these with sandwich cookies (to make bon bons with cookies, which is the way I prefer, try my sandwich cookie bon bons recipe.).

When I think of teacher gifts, I think of the stereotypical apples. You know what? I think apples are great, so I knew I wanted to go this route with a teacher gift idea. 


Apple Cake Pops Dr. Seuss Inspired


Whether you are looking for a teacher gift idea for Back to School, Teacher Appreciation Week, end of the school year, or just because, make these apple cake pops with the kids and box them as a gift!


Apple Cake Pops Teacher Gift Idea Square


This 13-page printable label set comes with a label, stickers (add something sticky to the back), and multiple sizes of lists to fill out: “Ten Great Things About My Teacher,” “Ten Things I Learned From My Teacher,” and “Ten Things I’m Excited About This School Year!”


Ten-Apples-on-Top-About-My-Teacher Collection

Get these for only $1 from the Arts & Crackers store here.


Have you read the book Ten Apples Up On Top!? My boys love the idea of balancing apples and a little healthy competition. For me, I thought about everything a teacher has to balance during the year to ensure well-rounded, balanced students. I love how by the end of the book everyone has ten apples balanced on top of his head.


Apple Cake Pops Dr. Seuss Inspired Treat


Surely, your book-loving teachers will appreciate this Dr. Seuss book-inspired treat and the coordinating Ten Apples Up On Top!-inspired lists and stickers!


Apple Cake Pops Teacher Gift Idea Ten Things

This book activity can also be used to work on fine motor skills, spelling, adjectives, reading, and no-cook baking.

Apple Cake Pops Teacher Gift Idea Inspired by Ten Apples Up On Top


What You Need



1. Prepare the cookie bon bons/cake pops according to the recipe you choose (see my cookie one).


Apple Cake Pops 2


2. Place a fingerprint in the center of the cake ball and add a tiny pinch of jimmies/sprinkles; these will be your apple seeds. My boys had so much fun helping with this step. Fold the dough around the sprinkles and roll back into a ball. If desired, add a small fingerprint to the top for a fun apple shape.


Apple Cake Pops 1


3. Refrigerate or freeze this dough according to your recipe instructions.

4. Once the dough is firm, melt the red candy melts then coat the apple cake pops evenly with the red candy coating then place back onto your lined cookie sheet. *Optional alternative: if you want to stack the apples, try threading ten dough balls onto a bamboo skewer and then adding the candy coating to the whole set; the apples will not stack otherwise, but are great given as individual apple cake pops in the box.


Apple Cake Pops 3 Apple Cake Pops 4


5. Cut a green candy melt into pie pieces then dip one end slightly into the melted red candy and stick it on top of the apple cake pops slightly off-center.


Apple Cake Pops 5 Apple Cake Pops 6


6. Refrigerate the apple cake pops until they harden.

7. Place them in a treat bag or box. I recommend keeping these refrigerated until gifted as they may get a little damp.


Boxing Instructions


8. Fill in the long, skinniest printable list (depending on time of year, fill in the one for Teacher Appreciation Week, End of School, or Back to School) and the to/from label then cut these and as many apple stickers as you wish out. Get the printable pages here.

9. Make the printable pages sticky. You can just use glue, but I used my handy dandy sticker maker because it’s just so much more fun, especially for the kids.


Apple Cake Pops 7


10. Prepare the boxes; I used these handy cupcake boxes (I found one around 12″ long) and they were absolutely perfect. If desired, you can use another type of goodie box or even a goodie bag and attach the label and lists as a card or tag.

11. Stick the long printable sticker list to the side of the outside later of the box.


Apple Cake Pops 9


12. Add a small strip of parchment paper inside the cupcake box (you can also use white cupcake liners.).

13. Fill the box with 10 apple cake pops/apple bon bons or the stacked apple cake pop stick if you chose to make them on a stick.


Apple Cake Pops 10


14. Slide the box of apple cake pops into the outer layer of the box. Place a sticker on either end so it stays in place and add your to/from label to the top or side of the box so that very special teacher knows whom it’s from.

15. Refrigerate or at least keep away from heat and keep flat so the apple bon bons do not get ruined or make a mess inside the box.


Apple Cake Pops Teacher Gift Idea Long


Alternatively, you can use the other printable list sizes, perhaps as cards on the side.


Apple Cake Pops Teacher Gift Idea Note Card


That very special teacher will be so excited to receive this delicious Dr. Seuss-inspired Ten Apples Up On Top treat!

Who will you give this special teacher gift to? What do you love about this teacher? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. I always worry, when my wife bakes a gift for someone, that they won’t eat it. I guess it depends on who you are giving it to, but I always envision the person throwing it in the trash!!

  2. I think this is such a cute idea. I am sure any teacher would love this!

  3. As a teacher myself, I give this idea a thumbs up! My students love this book.

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