Whooodunnit? Sherlock Holmes Owl Coloring Page

When we first started this Coloring Challenge group, the Coloring Tribe, and I was reading over the list and saw October’s theme was an owl coloring page.



Whooodnnit? This owl coloring page shares the story of the wise owl, Sherlock, and The Cheese-Napper. Get your free printable adult coloring page and tips | Adult Coloring | Owls | Free Printables | Indie Art | Whodunnit | Mystery | Art | Coloring | Coloring for Adults | Sherlock HolmesGreat for Pinning Image Pin It Button


Naturally, being the very “punny” person that I am, I could not get “Whooodunnit” out of my head. I was sure that after 9 months of coloring pages I would have come up with another wonderful idea, but it just did not want to get over a whodunnit theme. The idea was just so fun and cute and quirky in my head.

So I put it to paper.


Whooodunnit Owl Coloring Page Owl Close


I am very happy with how this owl coloring page came out. My coloring page style seems pretty consistent across the board, but I think this one shows my silly side a little bit more. Puns are my life. In fact, I cannot go one day without using multiple puns and it drives my husband crazy! So here is a little piece of my punny personality…in owl coloring page form.

In this picture, you witness the unveiling of “The Cheese Napper,” Dr. Watson. Enjoy my brief little story that goes with this page:


Whooodunnit Owl Detective Story


Whooodunnit? Owl Coloring Page


This owl coloring page was fun. Rarely do I use all markers, but I pretty much used all markers–different types:

Copic Markers

Stabilo Point 88 Pens

Prismacolor Premier Markers

General’s White Charcoal Pencil


The Copic markers were great for adding shading to the marker coloring. I used their skin tone markers. For finer points and some more detail I used the Stabilo pens because they are very thin. The Prismacolor markers gave a lovely matte finish to the grassy area and the charcoal pencil really made it pop when I used it to add highlighting.

I love the patterns on the owl and loved shading on the feathers.


Whooodunnit Owl Coloring Page Owl


The mouse’s fur has great texture from the thin markers and white charcoal. He just had to have “well-groomed whiskers.”


Whooodunnit Owl Coloring Page Mouse


A pop-up window will show; scroll down with the scroll bars or with the page down or down arrow buttons on your keyboard to download. The file will be instantly sent to the email provided.

Download Your Free Whooodunnit? Owl Detective Coloring Page


Whooodunnit Owl Coloring Page Square


Whooo do you know that would love this owl coloring page? Send it their way! You can share on social media, in an email, by word of mouth…I’d also love for you to share your completed pages with me, either to [email protected], on my Facebook, tag @Artscrackers onInstagram or @AlyssaDarbyBlog on Twitter with the hashtag #ColoringTribe, or share in our Coloring Tribe group! Seeing these pages enjoyed and colored by others makes it all worth it.


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