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Playroom Makeover Sneak Peek with Minted Art

Our kids’ rooms were due for a makeover, so we partnered with Minted to freshen up the playroom.

Drum roll please…and the playroom makeover is complete! I am so excited to share the full makeover with you, but that will take a while to pull together (there is a lot of awesomeness going on), so first I want to share with you this sneak peek. Seriously, I love how it turned out.


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Since we are renting our home and hope to move soon, I wanted to do a makeover that did not involve painting the walls (well, much…you’ll see what I mean by that in the full post.). Instead of painting the full walls, I decided to bring in some pops of color in other fantastic ways like with artwork and other decorations. I actually did do a lot of painting, but it was painting furniture to match the gorgeous Minted Children’s Wall Art I ordered.

For my playroom art, I ordered three of the fabulous prints from Minted along with some of their name and clothing labels.


Minted Art Playroom Makeover Unframed Prints


Minted has such amazing art pieces that it was incredibly difficult for me to choose. I’ve purchased multiple of the State Photo Art prints in the past, for myself and as a gift, and am absolutely in love with them. I knew right away that I wanted more of this art hanging on the walls in my house. As I browsed through the photos, I imagined all the themes I could do for the room. First I thought outer space then I wanted woodland and then I decided maybe I should do dinosaurs…I just could not choose.

Contemplating for quite some time, I finally decided what I wanted to do with the playroom. Since I couldn’t choose just one style of photo for the room, I decided we would give the playroom themed sections. This allowed me to choose multiple prints, use what we already had in the playroom, and I even found ones that had coordinating color options. Yes, that’s right. Many of the prints allow you to choose from a variety of color schemes.

I started grouping all of my boys’ toys and furniture together and decided on several sections, three of which would get custom Minted Art. I chose the pieces that allow you to personalize with names; since this room was for both of my boys (and hopefully more kiddos in the future), I decided to steer clear of using names and instead used titles for the sections. It worked out absolutely perfectly.


Minted Art Playroom Makeover Unframed Prints Apples


I chose the prints without the frames because it allowed me to choose frames that fit the style of the room. I chose smaller prints and then purchased large frames with mattes and painted the mattes to coordinate with the colors of the artwork and the bedroom decor. Minted does have some gorgeous frame options though, if you choose to go that route. That’s what I did with our State Photo Art and the frames are great quality. I love them!


Build and Create


Minted Playroom Makeover Framed Prints Gears


The first section of the boys’ playroom was for building and creating. I chose the art piece that had gears, “Namely Turning“, and added the words “Gears are turning” to it. I chose the gray option to look like actual gears.

Here you can see it hanging over the shelf full of building and creating toys.


Minted Playroom Makeover Framed Prints Build and Create Wall


Auto Repair


Minted Playroom Makeover Framed Prints Truck


If you’ve been following along on my website, you may have seen one of my most popular posts, our DIY Light Up Truck Grille Toy Car Organizer. While we have it hung in a different room than is pictured in that post, we were sure to hang it again in this house as my boys adore it. We added some other goodies to really make the “Auto Repair” theme fit–extra car storage, an oil pan, a place for tools, and a bucket with clean rags along with the “Heavy Load” print from Minted.


Minted Playroom Makeover Framed Prints Auto Repair Wall


I was going to paint the truck grille to match the one in the picture, but I did not get around to it. Thankfully it still coordinates because the tires on the picture are the same color as the grille, but I do still want to paint it (and do some upgrades) in the near future when we get a chance. My boys can now pretend they are fixing the truck and store their toys at the same time.


Farmer’s Market


Minted Playroom Makeover Framed Prints Apples


A while back, we reviewed a grocery marketplace for kids. That was still staying in the room and I love to encourage anything healthy, so our last “Minted” section was the farmer’s market. Again, I chose the “Appleseed” print that I could customize and labeled it “Farmer’s Market” rather than using a child’s name. The picture is my favorite because it is also educational! To be honest, I totally did not realize it was when I ordered it; I just found it very cute and fitting. When it arrived, E was so excited to see it and pointed out the differences in each apple’s seed count. After taking a closer look, I noticed that each apple had a number in the center and the seeds on each apple coordinated to the number on the apple. Now the boys can use this for counting practice as well! They are numbered 1-12.


Minted Playroom Makeover Framed Prints Marketplace Wall


Custom Labels


Minted Playroom Makeover Labels


As mentioned earlier, I ordered some custom labels. The goal of this room is to not only offer child-led learning, but also to keep things organized. The labels are meant to have the child’s name printed on them and you can stick them to backpacks, clothing, water bottles, or anything you want really.


I decided to order ones that coordinated with the room, but leave them blank. I did make a point to choose a design that had a large white area for writing, then when they arrived I used a permanent marker to fill in the name for each bin of toys–fort supplies, tools, tracks. You can write them on there normal or make them all fancy like I did. I love the visual letters because it helps E to better recognize the words on each bin which helps with his sight reading and it also helps S to know where things go when he’s not even close to reading yet.


Minted Playroom Makeover Labels Tools


At first I was a bit nervous putting the labels on the fabric bins, thinking they might fall off, but they stick on there perfectly. I was even able to remove them a few times to adjust them and they have not even started to peel off.


See the Full Playroom Makeover Post

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I’d love to hear from you–Do you have a playroom? What’s the theme? What’s your favorite Minted Art piece (if you can even choose just one)?


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  1. Those pictures are cute. I like how they go along with the toys. I really like those labels. I could use some of those to help organize my son’s toys. I just have sticky note labels on them right now.

  2. Those are some pretty great ideas for organizing and I could really use them. Thank You

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