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How We Prevent Messes (or Clean Them Up) During Summer

I am excited to partner with SheSpeaks and Walmart and share with you how we use some of our favorite household products to “Avoid the Oops” of messes

Summertime is full of melted ice cream, sneezes, and muddy floors, so we prepare to prevent (or clean up) these messes by making sure we don’t run out of our favorite household products.
Our summer goal:

Avoid the “Oops” of Messes


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I love the convenience of using the Avoid the Oops website at www.avoidtheoops.com for ordering P&G products from Walmart. All I had to do was:


1. Head to the website


P&G Avoid the Oops 1


2. Select the products I wanted and add them to my cart


P&G Avoid the Oops 2


3. Check out


P&G Avoid the Oops 3


I was given the option to have them sent to my house (yay for convenience) or pick them up in the store. Choose whichever is best for you. It really was that simple. No huge summer lines, no running to the store with all the kids in insanely hot weather, no “Mommy, I want this” and “Mommy, can I have that?”, just shop and order and receive on my doorstep.


P&G Products Avoid the Oops


Here’s what I decided to get, because we use these items oh so much, especially during summer, so I wanted to make sure we didn’t run out:


Swiffer WetJet Refills

On a regular day, my toddler gets into everything and dumps all his food. When it hits the floor, we have our nifty Swiffer WetJet to clean up the mess. Just the other morning I gave my boys some cereal. My toddler insists on having milk in his cereal. I turned around for one minute and when I turned back the cereal and sticky milk was all over the table and the floor. This picture does not do the mess justice. 


P&G Avoid the Oops Spilled Cereal


That same day, S decided to throw his pb&j sandwich on the floor, sticky side down… Moms of toddlers, you surely know what we are going through with this sticky stage.


P&G Avoid the Oops Swiffer Floor


Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

When you put both of my boys together, they become crazy destructo-bots. Mommas and daddies, don’t ever use the bathroom. Seriously. I had to use the restroom, so I put the kids down for their nap. I heard a bang from the upstairs bathroom, so I ran up as fast as I could. In that couple minutes, the boys had ditched naptime and drawn with bath crayons allll over the bathroom–the tub, the toilet, the counter tops. No, it was not just the toddler. Oy. I was so happy we had our Magic Erasers on hand. They are a great product for involving the kids in clean up, as well. My boys did a great job helping Daddy clean up the mess.


Bounty Paper Towels and Napkins

Then there’s the summer-specific messes. We love getting ice cream for the boys on hot summer days, whether it’s a visit from the ice cream truck or a special stop while we are on our summer roadtrips. The hot weather also means the ice cream will melt quickly. Very quickly. To prevent messes, we *attempt* to get the kids to keep a Bounty paper towel tucked into their shirts to prevent drips from hitting their shirts and we have a couple handfuls of Bounty napkins on hand. These are perfect for taking along for car rides as well. We always have a roll of paper towels and a stash of napkins for vacation time. While napkins and paper towels are great for initial messes and preventing the drips from hitting the shirt, we also keep an extra pack of Pampers wipes in the car to wipe off sticky fingers.


P&G Avoid the Oops Ice Cream


We traveled only a couple days ago and had to make an ice cream stop because, well, there’s never not a time to eat ice cream. My kids deserved it for doing so well on the trip and it was a great treat to keep us going. I loved getting these pictures of the boys and they definitely got messier after the pictures. Those napkins and paper towels definitely saw a lot of use.


Puffs Facial Tissues

At least for me, summer means more sneezing and nose-blowing from allergies, so we have Puff’s tissues available in each main room and our vehicle.


Charmin Toilet Paper

We also like to have extra Charmin toilet paper to keep in the car for long trips, in case we need to make any emergency stops (this is also useful if you have a little one who is potty training or newly potty trained.).


For a lot of families, summer means the kids are home from school–that right there means a lot more messes for most families. You have more to clean up after meals, more to clean up after playtime…. P&G has so many essential products to help clean up and even prevent some of these “oops” moments.


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I’d love to hear from you–What is your biggest summertime mess? Do you “avoid the oops” with any P&G products?


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  1. I love P&G products and use them every day

  2. P & G products are great and some you definitely need to stock up on. I like how easy it is to order and have delivered or picked up in the store.

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