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KidKraft Grocery Market Place Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

KidKraft Grocery Market Place Playset. Click the picture to read the review.We have been slowly turning our oldest son’s bedroom into a playroom for the boys and I have been looking for great educational items to add. One toy that we love because it allows for creativity and role play is the KidKraft Grocery Market Place.

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This playset is made of composite wood materials and measures 24 x 16.4 x 47.24 inches so it is not too big and is fairly lightweight for moving around. It is recommended for ages 36 months to 15 years so it is a great way to get older kids to play with their younger siblings.

KidKraft Market Place Selling FruitWhat I Love

The KidKraft Grocery Market Place is very sturdy. The edges on the wood are rounded slightly to make them smooth and not so pointy. This also helps prevent wood splitting so the product will last longer. It’s such a little detail, but it is an awesome safety and quality feature. My husband was especially impressed by this.

Under the counter top you will find two shelves and two hanging baskets. The baskets remove and can be filled up deep with play fruits and vegetables. The shelves are not deep, but have a ledge on them so you can set baskets, cartons of eggs, or other fairly flat-bottomed items on there without them falling off. It is adorable. We decided to purchase a play fruits and veggies set that comes with bins and is labelled by color so it can double for marketplace sales and color sorting.

KidKraft Grocery Market Place Chalkboard Labels. Click the picture to read the reviews.On the front of the shelves and in front of the baskets there are chalkboard labels. That’s right. Kids can use chalk to write down their prices or label their products for sale! How fun!

This marketplace also comes with a wooden cash register and play credit card. The register opens and has a few slots for play money and the buttons on the top have springs so they actually push down like a real register. I love that this was included since we do not already have a cash register for him to complete his “sales.” This is my son’s favorite part.

KidKraft Grocery Market Place Cash Register and Card. Click the picture to read the review.Over the unit there is a cute striped canopy. This has snap buttons so it can be removed if needed, but I leave it on because it adds the perfect touch. The blue, orange, and green colors are all vibrant and playful and go together nicely.

One more thing that I love is how this Grocery Market Place can be used for way more than just a produce stand. My son likes to pretend he is selling cars from it or giving out free Hot Wheels cars when you buy produce (which usually costs you around $100-$300 for around 3 fruits or veggies–great deal!) It can also be used to sell books, magazines, flowers, crafts, or have a real lemonade stand during the summer months!

Because I always have to personalize everything, we attached some metal cone-shaped floral arrangers using a clip and a screw. I then cut bunches of fabric flowers and tied together bouquets using craft string. Now he can sell bunches of freshly-cut flowers at his stand! (Pictured accessories, apart from the cash register and card, do not come with this product.)

KidKraft Grocery Market Place Flower HoldersWhat I’m Not Huge On

While putting this product together, we did run into a couple roadblocks. The main one was that the instructions, for whatever reason, came all out of order. Fortunately, this was an easy enough item to assemble and the pages are labelled so we were able to sort that out with no problem at all.

Also, a couple of the main posts did not match up correctly and I can notice the difference, but the kids can’t so it isn’t a big deal. Even the instructions say this may happen and the marketplace still assembled completely and looks great!

KidKraft Grocery Market Place Cash RegisterThe one thing that still bugs me a little is that the cash register, which came pre-assembled, wobbles because the bottom is uneven. My son usually holds it down, but I would still love for it to sit flat. It also did not come with numbers, but I wrote some on there with a nail polish pen.

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing the KidKraft Grocery Market Place. It is an awesome educational tool that inspires creativity, marketing, and money-handling and promotes sibling bonding and even child-parent bonding. (See my husband having fun with it too?! He was even selling things for a while.) It is sturdy and stylish.

KidKraft Market Place Sales

You can purchase this awesome marketplace on Amazon.com (affiliate link.) 

(Market Place does not come with any accessories shown, besides the cash register and credit card.)

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Watch my YouTube review to see how it all works!

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  1. This looks like such a fun filled toy! I bet their imaginations are running wild while using this cool toy!

  2. This is so cute! My kids would love this!

  3. Stephanie Hebert

    We just got this and i cannot wait to put it together to check it out! Great pictures!

  4. I am surprised they didn’t make this flat or put the numbers on. That is rather crazy but it is something the kids would have fun with

    • I do wish the register was flat, but I understand that can happen when many are getting manufactured. Nonetheless, my kids love it and don’t even notice haha.

  5. Oh my goodness my son would absolutely LOVE this!

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