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For Halloween, I Didn’t Hand Out Candy…(Includes FREE Printables!)

This Halloween for trick-or-treat…

I didn’t hand out candy…

but here’s what I did instead:


No, I did not hand out candy this year. Actually, I didn’t last year either. I know, I’m such a big meanie. Sure, some were probably disappointed, but handing out candy just isn’t my thing.


I didn't hand out candy this Halloween, but you'll love what I did hand out--Halloween crafts! Free printable in the post | Halloween | Trick or Treat | Printables | Non-Candy | Halloween Crafts | Crafts for Kids | Fall | Fall Crafts | Kids Activities | DIY Crafts | Craft Kits | Simple Crafts for KidsGreat for Pinning Image Pin It Button


Growing up, I loved to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween and I would come home will pillowcases full of nothing but candy. Pink candy, blue candy, brown candy, sticky candy, chewy candy, melted candy, you name it, I probably got it. Did I ever end up eating all this candy? No, mostly because my parents limited what I could have and hid it from me, and often I’d even forget about it…until a year, or even two, later.

In our home, we do allow our boys to go door to door and dress up, because they find it fun. We are not really a Halloween-celebrating family, but we do enjoy some “Fall-oween” fun. Just as usual, my boys came home with a basket full of candy (or rather the bags you get new bed sheets in–they make great candy bags.)

Will they eat it all? No. I’ll let them have a few to be festive, we will probably use some in candy science experiments, give some away, save some for a rainy day, and let them trade the rest for new toy cars. You see, I trade them the toys so I can eat some of my kids’ candy so they don’t eat it all. Yes, I admit it. But you see, I’m really just being a great parent because I am taking that sugary temptation away from them, saving them loads of health problems, and some extra trips to the dentist. Right? Okay, okay…so it’s not great for me either, but throwing it away is such a waste.


I decided to do something different.


After years and years of candy-filled Halloweens, I decided to do something…different. I would not hand out candy. I wanted to do something unique. Something fun. Inspired by the Teal Pumpkin Project, I decided to do something that didn’t include things like dairy, eggs, gluten, coconut, or nuts. I decided that I wouldn’t even hand out food. (Please note that some children are still allergic to adhesives which you may find in the craft supplies below, but these are a better choice for most children with allergies.)

Unfortunately, a lot of non-food items are expensive and won’t get very far once the kids start flooding the doorstep. I needed something that I could afford to give to many kids for them to enjoy. There are tons of great options…pencils, bracelets, crayons…(I’ll do a great round-up post for you next year since I didn’t get around to it this year), but they just didn’t scream “ME!” While most houses probably won’t be giving these away, I had to stand out, as usual. I wanted something that, as far as I’m aware, hasn’t been done before. Something that all the kids can enjoy. Something that would encourage parents or older siblings to spend time with the little ones.

During a trip to the craft store, it hit me. I knew exactly what I wanted to hand out.


Non Candy Halloween Printables Square


Halloween Craft Kits


Now, I did not come up with this idea until two days before Halloween (I know, I’m such a procrastinator), but I managed to set up eighty craft kits! I could have easily made more had I had more time, but this lasted about an hour before the kits ran out. I honestly thought I’d get some “boos” (and not from the ghosts), but when kids saw they had something other than candy, and realized it was a craft to make, their eyes lit up and they showed their parents in excitement. It made me so happy. Even the teenagers thought it was awesome!

Arts and crafts are totally things we love. They are a great way to teach instruction following, spark creativity, work on fine motor skills, and often involve the parents. I want to encourage all of this in the younger generations, so this project was incredibly exciting for me. And these didn’t even break the bank.

I wanted to share this idea with my readers this year so you all can tuck it away for next year. For you, it will be a lot less time-consuming because I’ll provide you with the ideas (and some free printable instructions!) and you will have plenty of time to prepare.

All five of the designs I created are simple crafts that are fun for all ages. The most steps any craft has is four, so it doesn’t take the kids long to make it. Simple is best.


Simple Halloween Crafts


Each kit was neatly tucked into a baggie, included printed instructions (with pictures), an age disclaimer because of small pieces, and the supplies to make the craft (minus the glue.) I wrote the name of the craft on the baggie too. I didn’t get a complete picture of the kits, but here’s how they looked in the basket when I was ready to hand them out. And yes, I totally dressed like the princess that I am. Hey, the kids liked it.


Trick or Treat Craft Kits to Hand Out


The five kits I made: a Clothespin Spider, a Clothespin Bat Picture Holder, a Fall Bookmark, a Spider Web Bookmark, and a Silly Pumpkin Magnet.


Clothespin Spider

Clothespin Spider

You’ll Need:

Clothespin Spider Craft

Clothespin Bat Picture Holder

Clothespin Bat Picture Holder

You’ll Need:

Clothespin Bat Picture Holder Craft

Fall Bookmark

Fall Bookmark

You’ll Need:

Fall Bookmark Craft

Spider Web Bookmark

Spider Web Bookmark

You’ll Need:

  • Black foam, cut into rectangular bookmarks (1 each)
  • Hole puncher; add a hole near the top of the bookmark and the top of the orange piece
  • White crayon; use this to draw a web onto the black foam bookmarks
  • Black buttons, I used large (1 each)
  • Orange foam, cut into small circles a little wider than the buttons (1 each)
  • Thin permanent marker; draw eight spider legs under where the button will go
  • Small googly eyes; I used about 6mm size (2 each)
  • String, cut to tie on the end, about 6 inches (1 each)
  • Sandwich baggies (1 each)
  • Printed instructions (1 each)
  • Printed disclaimer (1 each)

Spider Web Bookmark Craft

Silly Pumpkin Magnet

Silly Pumpkin Magnet

You’ll Need:


Silly Pumpkin Magnet Craft


When you are done preparing all the supplies, stick each piece into the baggies and write the name of the craft onto the baggie.

Next year I still don’t plan to hand out candy. Next year I’ll make a new version of this (or perhaps I’ll come up with another neat, unique idea!)

Which craft will you make? Will you make all five and hand out different kits to each kid? Have you ever handed out something that wasn’t candy?


I Didn't Hand Out Candy Halloween but Here is What I Did Instead Square

I Didn't Hand Out Candy but Here is What I Did Instead | Halloween | Crafts | DIY | Crafts for Kids | Trick or Treat | Halloween Craft | Fall

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What do you think of this trick-or-treat idea? If you do this, come back and let me know how it went over by you! Share with me in the comments!

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  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. That is amazing that you did all of that for those kids! We handed out Goldfish because I also wanted to hand out something other than candy. Your craft idea was fantastic!

    • Thank you, Brenda! It really didn’t take that long, surprisingly and the kids loved it so it was worth it. Goldfish is a great idea! We were going to do that, but we know some who can’t have gluten. I know someone was handing out little water bottles too, which I thought was great.

  3. My kids got one of these while trick or treating and they loved it! Awesome idea

  4. I usually give out school supplies like pencils and erasers from Oriental Trading Company, but I love the craft sets much better! Pinning and sharing!

  5. Those are some really cute ideas instead of candy. Pinning!

  6. Love this idea!

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