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Cute Spider Cookie Balls Treat

Ever have this itch to create? To make something out-of-the-box that you haven’t seen before? I have that all the time, especially when creating cute treats. I was having one of these moments when this deliciously dreadful idea crept its way into my imagination–Spider Cookie Balls. Rock a classroom spider lesson, Halloween party, or Itsy Bitsy Spider activity with this cute Spider Cookie Ball treat idea | Dessert | Oreo | Cookies | Recipe | Nursery Rhymes | Spider Webs | Arachnid | Halloween Treat | Spider SnackGreat for Pinning Image Pin It Button This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through these links, you help support the family behind Arts & Crackers at no added cost to you! Thank you! Okay, the truth is, besides the fact that these areĀ spiders and spiders are a bit creepy-crawly, these Spider Cookie Balls are actually really, really cute. I mean, have you ever seen such a cute spider before? So if you have a little one who loves fun treats, whether you’re baking up a Halloween treat or a tasty snack to go with a lesson onĀ The Itsy Bitsy Spider, your little one will love this super cute Spider Cookie treat.

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Making this adorable kids’ treat does take a little bit of time and effort, so I wouldn’t recommend making a huge batch, but you should be able to easily make enough for an after-school snack, a small classroom party, or a Halloween party with a few friends. They will be talk of the day! Oreo Spider Cookies Square Okay, this very important question is eating me up now so I have to stop a moment and ask. I mentionedĀ The Itsy Bitsy Spider above, but I’ve heard people call itĀ The Eensy Weensy Spider. Which one is it?? I remember it being taught to me both ways, but I’ve always said “itsy bitsy.” What do you say and what state/country are you from? Phew. Now that I’ve gotten that question off my chest (I’ll be even better once I have your feedback so I know what to call it), we can move along with this Spider Cookie Ball tutorial.

What You Need


1. After you’ve made the Sandwich Cookie Balls, and before you refrigerate them, you will need to add this adorable arachnid’s eight legs. To add the legs, use eight Crunchy Chow Mein Noodles. Dip one end into melted chocolate then stick it into the cookie ball, adding four on either side to give your spider his eight legs. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 1Oreo Spider Cookies Step 2 2. Place the cookie balls back onto the lined pan (a step from the recipe) and into the refrigerator as long as your recipe states, until the cookies are firm and the chocolate has hardened. This step is so important because your spider will lose his legs otherwise. These wouldn’t quite be spiders without eight legs. 3. Once the cookies are chilled, melt some more chocolate. You know, I am so not good at this step. I do a lot of coated treats, but I really don’t know how to do it right. What are your tips for making the chocolate so it is smooth and thin for coating? I try to follow package instructions and it just always seems too thick. Maybe a melting pot? 4. Place one spider into the melted chocolate. Using a spoon, scoop the melted chocolate over the Spider Cookie Ball and its legs until it is coated. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 3 5. Remove the coated Spider Cookie Ball from the chocolate using a fork (a candy dipping fork will work best; I only had a regular long fork for now), allowing the excess to drip off. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 4 6. Add eyeballs to your spider. I used 3-4 per spider, but you can add as many as you wish. Want to make it more fun? Add cute little fangs with sprinkles or tiny pieces of white chocolate. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 5 7.Ā Place the Spider Cookie back onto the lined pan and back into the refrigerator until the chocolate coating has hardened. Oreo Spider Cookies Long
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Want a cute way to serve your Spider Cookie Balls?

What You Need

You will not be able to fit all of the Spider Cookies in one of these cute containers–some will have too long of legs–but this is a fun way to display or serve up a few. You can also try clear plastic bowls which will have a little more room for legs.


1. Using a white paint marker, draw a spider web on the outside top and sides of the cup (or bowl). Let dry. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 7 2. Thread the cooking twine through the eye of the quilting needle, then tie a large knot in one end. I recommend using a decently long string. This will also give you plenty space for the steps later on. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 9 3. Choose a Spider Cookie that fits nicely inside the cup. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 8 4. Using an open flame (I used a stick lighter for this), carefully heat up the end of the metal needle, without burning your fingers of course. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 10 5. Immediately poke the needle through the bottom of the spider up through the top. Do this step very carefully or you may crack the coating on the spider. Carefully pull the string up through until the knot touches the bottom. I recommended a long string in part because the string will likely get covered in chocolate and this will give it more space to start coming through clear. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 11 6. Carefully poke a hole in the center of the bottom of the cup, coming from the inside of the cup (the cup will be placed upside down after this.). Pull the string through carefully until it is taught or the spider is lifted up just slightly into the cup. Tie a knot on the end touching the cup and cut off the excess. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 12 7. Keep these Spider Cookie Balls refrigerated until ready to serve. Serve quickly. The longer the Spider Cookies stay in the refrigerator, the more the black color from the pupils of the eyes may bleed if you are using store-bought eyes. Oreo Spider Cookies Step 15 The kids, and even adults will love these Spider Cookie Balls! They are fun to look at and delicious to eat. Will you serve these at a Halloween party? As a class treat? Alongside a less on spiders? Or just because? Oreo Spider Cookies Web Cover Oreo Spider Cookies Yum Read also: DIY Spider Web Bulletin Board and For Halloween, I Didn’t Hand Out Candy…(Includes FREE Printables!) Looking for more? View these categories!
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