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KidKraft Austin Toy Box Review

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KidKraft Austin Toy Box

Also pictured above: Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Rescue Trailer

Toys are everywhere! Sometimes it seems as though they are taking over our house. Now, with all the organizational posts I have shared, you can probably tell that I like to have a place for everything and keep the house neat and clean when possible, so you can imagine how I feel about these heaps of nomadic toys. Yes, we have small bins and even a toy sorter, but there are all types of toys that are too small for the shelves but far too big for the boxes and sorting bins. I am happy to report that my sanity has been regained thanks to the KidKraft Austin Toy Box!

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The Austin toy box is made of MDF and comes in a variety of colors to match your decor–natural, pink, honey, blueberry, gray, vanilla, red, gray fog, cherry, white, espresso, and bubblegum. You can even order your box personalized with a name! We received the Austin Toy Box in Honey. Since it does not match our other furniture (and I have some great ideas for it,) be sure to keep an eye out for a DIY project using the toy box in the near future! We are working on decorating one living area at a time and have not made it upstairs to the bedrooms yet, but it is coming soon and when it does, it will be awesome so you don’t want to miss it!

What I Love

The KidKraft Austin toy box is so easy to assemble! There are only six parts that need to be screwed or bolted together and each piece is clearly labelled. The only tool you need that isn’t included is a screw driver! I have had my fair share of assemble-yourself items that were rather complicated with confusing instructions, mislabeled or missing parts, or needing special tools, so the simplicity of putting this together was refreshing.  

Reading On KidKraft Austin Toy Box

I love that this toy box is easy to move and will fit right in anywhere in your house. Since there are so many color choices, you can match almost any room and if you can’t, you can paint it yourself easily. The design is sleek and looks like a little bench that you can actually sit on (I am sure it is meant for kids not adults, but my big kid…I mean, husband…discovered it can hold quite a bit of weight) so it works great to hide away toys in your living room or your child’s bedroom. The box is fairly lightweight and has handles for easy carrying so you can move it from one room to another if needed. 

The Austin box toys storage holds a lot–stuffed animals, train tracks, shape sorters, puzzles…the list goes on. Since we have special boxes and bins for all the little toy cars, wooden tracks, and teddy bears already, we added all the larger toys like remote-control cars, fire trucks, airplanes, and even a plastic “gas station” that do not fit anywhere else. Finally all of my son’s toys have a place and he can easily put them away on his own! We were even able to hang my son’s little basketball hoop from the handle opening.


My favorite part of this toy box, I would have to say, is that they take into consideration the fact that your child will inevitably discover that it makes a great hiding place or clubhouse so they have built-in safety features. The top opens with ease and closes slowly thanks to a safety hinge so it will not pinch little fingers or bang little heads. The material is light enough that it will not cause injury if your child is inside and it is not too heavy for your child to lift if he does hide in there. The handles are openings in the wood and under where the lid falls so if your child is inside they will have fresh air and will not suffocate. I heard a story recently of some kids getting trapped in a hope chest and they didn’t make it because there were no openings for them to breathe and they were unable to get out. How scary! I am so thankful KidKraft took this into consideration so nothing bad like that will happen. Besides the handles being an opening, the front also dips down in the middle for one more added air source as well as a place for your child to stick his hands to open the lid from the inside. 
Hiding Inside KidKraft Austin Toy Box

What I’m Not Huge On

Since the toy box is lightweight and the bottom is flat, it sometimes slips around on the carpet. When toys are inside, the box stays in place, but when it is empty it slides around easily. This is great if you need to move it around the room, but it can also move when you don’t want it to. There is a really simple, inexpensive solution! Use a piece of no-slip cabinet liner or rug liner underneath and your toy box will stay right in place all the time! 

Overall, the KidKraft Austin Toy Box has cleared the way to a tidy bedroom by fitting in a large amount of misfit toys all while KidKraft kept safety in mind and even doubling as a seating area great for story time. It has made my job as a mommy a little bit easier–I would definitely recommend this toy box! Learn more about this product and where to purchase HERE.

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**Coming Soon: Remember to keep a look out for a DIY project post that includes the KidKraft Austin Toy Box! 

Bonus Tip: Need to use the toy box for smaller items? Organize it by putting each set of smaller items in a plastic container first. For instance, put all the wooden tracks in one bin and all the Lincoln Logs in another. Stack them on top of each other inside the toy box and you will have neatly fit in piles of smaller items and still have space to put a few larger toys like stuffed animals or puzzle boxes! 

BONUS Bonus Tip: You may be asking, “What will happen to the toy box when my children outgrow toys?” You can still use it! This KidKraft toy box works perfectly for storing blankets, shoes, containers of magazines and DVDs, or even out-of-season clothing!

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-Do you have toys galore? What room in your house would you put this KidKraft toy box in?


  1. What a cool toybox! I love that it comes in a variety of colors. Very smart that they thought about child safety when creating the design so it doesn’t pinch fingers and leaves opening for breathing if kids decide to play inside it πŸ™‚

    • It is a great toy box! My son loves it too and in his eyes it is a jungle gym so I am thankful for the safety features!

  2. Alison Roberson

    Awesome! What a cool toy box. I will be sharing this post with my sister who has two little ones. She will love the fact that she can choose her own color plus all the child safety features.

  3. Oh what a great review! I love how your boys used the side opening for a basketball hoop! I never thought of using a toybox as a place to store blankets and such but now I think I actually want to so that now!! You are so creative!

    • Thanks girl! I’m secretly looking forward to the day my kids are done with toys and I can use this for all the blankets I keep in the living room haha.

  4. That is a cool toy box. I really need one of those as well. There are toys all over the place. Great idea with the Basketball hoop.

  5. Love love love this review! I like how easy to assemble this toy box is! I love how you even incorporated his basketball hoop through the side opening! Ingenious! What an awesome product and you look like you have maximized your use of it!

  6. I LOVE THIS!!! I need one of these sooooo bad.

  7. I may have to look into one for my son’s stuffed animals. He has most of his toys in his closet (mommy’s a little OCD about seeing stuff), but I’ve yet to find a good solution for his stuffed animals that I can live with… THIS. WILL. WORK.

    • I am OCD about that as well Rosandra! All of my son’s toys have to be in something and out of sight. I have organizing bins in the closet on the floor and on the shelf above and it is STUFFED with stuffed animals. They are happy sitting on the shelf right now fortunately, but this toy box would work perfectly for them!

  8. Love these toy boxes. Very sturdy !

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