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KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kid Kitchen. Click the picture to read the review.Imagination and education are encouraged in my household in all that we do. From building forts to baking cookies, we love it all. This is one reason I love to provide dress-up clothes and play house toys for my kids. Our latest obsession is the KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen.

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This KidKraft kitchen measures 43 x 17.8 x 41 inches and is the perfect size for a playroom (or in our case, a bedroom that doubles as a playroom.) If you have a larger kitchen, this would fit nicely on an empty wall as well. It is recommended for ages 36 months to 15 years, but who are we kidding, it doesn’t matter how old you get; play kitchens will always be fun.

What I Love

The KidKraft Uptown Kitchen is sturdy so it should not fall apart on you during play if properly assembled. I also really like that every cabinet has a plastic piece to snap the door shut. This makes it difficult for my baby to open the doors and remove everything from them, but my older son is able to open them with no issues.

Your kids will keep busy with this play kitchen for a long time because there are so many neat little details. The kitchen includes the following features (accessories shown and suggested, besides the phone, not included):


KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen FridgeSince the fridge is just two open shelves, it is easy for kids to just throw piles of toy foods in and make a mess. We use things like a clear bag (from a pair of baby shoes we purchased) to hold the play cookies and will use plastic storage containers for other foods once we get more. We also found this cute carton of craft eggs that are perfect for play.

Water Dispenser

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen Water DispenserFreezer (with a Chalkboard!)

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen FreezerA fun way to organize your freezer food is with cleaned out frozen food containers (like this ice cream container) and plastic storage containers!


KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen OvenI love how the oven rack pulls out just like a real oven.

Stove (and a Phone!)

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen StoveThe stove is really neat because the coils look realistic and the buttons even swivel.

Dishwasher (we use this as a cabinet right now)

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen DishwasherWhat is really neat about the dishwasher is that it has a shelf that pulls out for easy access. You can even pull it out all the way and use it as a “cutting board.” To organize it more, we added a basket for all the utensils. You could even use an actual dish drying rack inside. PS, we found some neat mini utensils that we added to his Easter basket!


KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen SinkThe sink is so cute. Your child can move the handle to turn the sink on and off. To add an extra touch, I found a mini dish soap bottle, cleaned it out, and painted the inside with nail polish to look like soap (let this dry ALL the way.) I then cut a sponge in half and tossed it in the sink. Be sure not to get the sponges with scrubbing sides so your kids don’t scratch things up with them.

Microwave and Shelf

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen ShelfWe added a basket and filled it with play bread, but you can use this for any number of items–a picture frame, coffee cups, canisters with play food, play canned goods.

Towel Rack

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen Towel RackIn order for your kids to wash their dishes, they need a towel to dry them off. The towel rack placement is perfect for holding cute towels like the one made for us by my friend at Tornado Whimsy. I also added a sticky hook with a mini broom so he can pretend to sweep up kitchen spills.

The Uptown Pastel Kitchen even includes knobs to hang your cooking utensils from (we purchased the KidKraft Deluxe Cookware Set on the side and everything fits perfectly.)

I love the design as it is sleek and modern. While some may say the color scheme is overly-girly, I say it is perfect for spring! My boys cannot even tell that the colors are considered for girls because they are just colors. We can always give it a makeover later in the year so it is less seasonal for them, but we like it how it is for now. The tiled back splash is a great touch.

The Uptown Pastel Kitchen leaves so much room for creative and imaginative role play. Your child can become a chef, a homemaker, whatever he/she wants to be! It also is a great way to get Mom and Dad involved in interacting with the kids. My boys love baking in the oven and grabbing food from the refrigerator then serving it to me. My son’s favorite part of the kitchen is the phone and it is followed closely by the fridge.

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen Fun

What I’m Not Huge On

There were only a few things that I would make improvements on. First, as soon as we started assembling the kitchen, I noticed some small defects like scratches, a little chip, and a black dot of ink. Honestly, kids are going to mess it up pretty quickly anyway and they won’t even notice, but it caught my OCD eye. There were no major defects, however, just the little insignificant ones.

Second, my husband was putting the kitchen together and had issues with one of the coils for the stove top breaking before he even tried to tighten the screw. He altered how he installed the rest for this reason, but recommended the holes for these come pre-threaded. They all still attached fine and we have had no problems with it since.

Overall, the KidKraft Uptown Pastel Kitchen is cute and fun, inspiring creativity and responsibility. It can grow with your kids and even offers a great bonding opportunity for parents to spend time with their children. This product is sturdy and will provide hours of fun for kids who love being in the kitchen.

I have to add this dialog with my son while he was helping with this review. I asked him what he likes about this kitchen. His response was hilarious:

The kitchen is how it has to be. It has to be everything that it has to be.”
My son

You can purchase this awesome kitchen on Amazon.com (affiliate link.) 

(Kitchen does not come with any accessories shown, besides the telephone.)

Also pictured: Carter’s Spring Clothing Collection

KidKraft Uptown Pastel Play Kitchen. Click the picture to read the review.

^^Pull your pants up, boy! Well, at least his shirt covers the diaper. 
Watch my YouTube review to see how it all works!

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  1. Love this post! Great review and video.

  2. That’s an awesome kitchen! I love the personal touches you have added with the accessories, too. So creative!

  3. That is an amazing Kitchen set – I absolutely have to get one of these for my nieces and nephews – even my 12 yr old would love playing with the kids in this kitchen! Awesome video hon!

  4. I love this kitchen for the kids! Really pretty and clearly made with good quality products.

  5. OMG this thing is adorable! I love KidKraft products. It looks like a lot of fun.

    • It is!! We are having so much fun with it. I often have a hard time truly playing with the kids because I just don’t know what to do anymore, but this brings out my inner child and we have a blast.

  6. We love our Kid Kraft kitchen items! This is such a sweet kitchen, and I like that it has so much to it without taking up a lot of space!

  7. I LOVE Kidkraft., Their products are amazing and the accessories are amazing!

  8. Stephanie Hebert

    We love KidKraft and this Kitchen is adorable i love that its unisex!

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