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I’ll Be There With Build-A-Bear | Long-Distance Relationships

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Build A Bear Long Distance Relationships. Click the picture to read the post.Build-A-Bear has long been a family favorite. We love the stuffed animals, the experience, and creating them together as a family. One thing we have found them especially helpful for is deployments and I want to share with you our experience–an informal review, I suppose.

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When my husband went to basic training, we purchased our first Build-A-Bear. Inside, we added Build-A-Sound devices so we could hear his voice while he was away. It was such a comfort to my son and myself that we decided to do the same for my husband’s first deployment. He recorded his voice and put it into animals for the kids then we recorded one over the phone and had it shipped to him with our voices.

When our boys were having a rough day missing Daddy, they would press the button in the paw and it would feel like he was there with us. My oldest pressed his button over and over and over and loved hearing his daddy’s encouraging voice each time. Some days we could not talk, so this was a great alternative.

Build A Bear Stuffed Animals. Click the picture to read the post.The whole Build-A-Bear experience offers a great bonding opportunity and inspires creativity. This last time we visited, we were all able to go together. We had fun picking out which bear we wanted (we settled on the bulldog, Captain America bear, and Toothless), giving them personalities, filling them up, recording voices, washing them, naming them, and dressing them up. Truly an experience we will always remember.

Build A Bear Wash StationThe Build-A-Bear staff is always so sweet and willing to help you out. They have a new sound recording system they use and we were able to get help working it. My boys loved that they were even able to help stuff the bears themselves and the workers were so patient with my baby who had a hard time keeping his foot on the pedal and kept handing them hearts.


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Build-A-Bear animals are great for everyone, all ages and all circumstances. They offer a furry friend that can tag along wherever life takes you, opportunities to personalize and keep distant families and friends closer, and a unique store experience with your loved ones. These are great for military families to record Mom or Dad’s voice before separation, but they also are a great option for kids with distant grandparents, friends who have moved away, kids with parents who leave often for business, spouses, and anyone else who needs a friend or is missing someone.

PS, As you can see in some of these pictures, it’s not always easy to get the perfect shot when you have little ones, but I love them just as they are!
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-Have you ever been to Build-A-Bear? Which animals is your favorite?


  1. Such a good idea for those that live far away!

  2. This is very sweet and I love this idea for long distance relationships for any loved ones!

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