250+ Unconventional Easter Basket Ideas: Themed Baskets For Kids of All Ages


For Your Little Handyman

This basket gives your child more than just things; it also offers an opportunity to spend more quality time with mom or dad creating memories and items:

105. Small Hammer
106. Level
107. Measuring Tape
108. Ruler
109. Building Kit (perhaps a birdhouse or a pine car)
110. Screw Driver
111. Tool Belt
112. Paint
Basket Itself: Toolbox


For Your Little Swimmer

With the weather warming up, pool and beach time is right around the corner. Make a splash with these basket add-ins:

113. Swim Diapers (for younger children)
114. Goggles
115. New Swimsuit
116. Pool Toys
118. Sunscreen
119. Beach Towel
120. Flip Flops
121. Swim Shoes
122. Beach Hat
Basket Itself: Beach Tote


For Your Little Athlete

If your child plays sports or simply enjoys them, help them to stay active with these:

123. Sports Balls (soccer, basketball, baseball)
134. Sports Gear (cleats, baseball glove)
135. Water Bottle
136. Kids Sports Drink
137. Clif Kids Bars
138. Exercise Clothes
139. Licensed Sports Gear
Basket Itself: Duffle Bag/Drawstring Bag

Huge List of Unconventional Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages

For Your Little Seamstress

This one probably requires some adult supervision, at least for younger children, so it also offers special bonding time. Help your child learn to sew and create pillows, blankets, and more with these fun items:

140. Craft Store Coupon (to purchase needed items and learn to save money)
141. Fabric pieces
142. Pinking Shears (for older kids)
143. Thread
144. Craft Stuffing
145. Buttons
146. Sewing Patterns

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For Your Little Photographer

Take a picture; it will last longer. We are always changing, every moment, so help your child preserve these amazing memories with the following:

147. Disposable or Inexpensive Digital Camera (like this one)
148. Frames for Pictures
149. Photo Store Gift Card (like Shutterfly)
150. Photo Props (bunny ears headband, makeup, hats, silly faces on sticks)
151. Coupon for Photo Session with Mom/Dad or Coupon For Gallery Space (fridge/wall/office)
Basket Itself: Camera Bag


For Your Little Reader

Did you know that a love of reading can help you be successful? It also allows you to imagine yourself doing so many fun things you cannot do otherwise. Spark your child’s love of reading and imagination with these:

152. Books
153. Reading Light
154. Bookmark


For Your Little Actor

“To be, or not to be….” If it’s talking about being an awesome parent, this basket is sure to be the thing that makes that happen:

155. Dress-up Clothes
156. Silly Glasses
157. Wigs
158. Feather Boa
159. Fake Mustaches
160. Hats/Crowns/Other Accessories
161. Makeup
Basket Itself: Hat Box


For Your Little Explorer

Set out on a grand expedition for the perfect Easter basket. Fill it with these items to help your child explore and discover this spring and summer:

162. Flashlight
163. Magnifying Glass
164. Butterfly Net
165. Bug Catcher/Mason Jar
166. Binoculars
167. A Map (even make a treasure map or a scavenger hunt)
168. Periscope


For Your Little Traveler

Planning a vacation with the family? To visit family? Use this basket to announce your trip or just make it even more special for your child:

169. Travel Pillow
170. Travel-Size Bottles
171. Travel-Size Bath Items
172. Kids’ Toothbrush Cap
173. Personalized Luggage Tag
174. Scrapbook and Supplies
Basket Itself: Children’s Rolling Suitcase



For Your Little Beauty

Girls especially love to play dress-up. Make her feel beautiful with these items (and let her use them on you!):

175. Kids’ Makeup
176. Lip Gloss
177. Nail Polish
178. Hair Brush
179. Spa Mask
180. Slippers
181. Tiara
182. Jewelry
183. Tutu
Basket Itself: Makeup Tote


For Family Night

Family time is important, so why not plan on it with these basket stuffers than can also help your kids learn to share with the whole family:

184. Popcorn
185. Popcorn Flavoring
186.Family Board Games
187. Movies
188. Tickets to a Local Event (circus, bowling, mini golf)


For Getting a New Pet

Are you surprising your child with a new pet? These basket ideas are a fun way to announce:

189. Tank Decorations (for fish/reptile)
190. Cage Accessories (for hamsters, rabbits, birds, etc.)
191. Pet Food
192. Leash (for dogs or maybe even rabbits/cats)
193. Food Dishes
194. Pet Store Gift Card and Coupons (for purchasing the pet/pet supplies)
195. Responsibility Chart
Basket Itself: Fish Bowl/Tank/Cage


For Springtime

Welcome spring with a fun Easter basket full of these springtime essentials:

196. Raincoat
197. Rain Boots (for puddle jumping)
198. Umbrella
199. Sunglasses
200. Sidewalk Chalk
201. Kite
202. Rainy Day Activities Book
Basket Itself: Pail with a Shovel


For a Picnic

As temperatures outside get warmer, it’s fun to eat outdoors. Kids love picnics, so spend some quality time in the fresh air with them using the goodies in this basket:

203. Picnic Blanket
204. Fancy Disposable Plates/Bowls/Silverware/Napkins
205. Picnic Food
206. Bubbles
Basket Itself: Small Picnic Basket


For a Tea Party

For little kids, tea parties can be a big deal. Be a guest at your child’s tea party and give him/her the supplies to host in this basket:

207. Tea Cups and Saucers
208. Tea Pot (maybe a Paint Your Own set!)
209. Kid-Friendly Tea or Juice
210. Fabric Flowers in a Vase
211. Tablecloth
212. White Gloves
213. Fun Hats/Plain Hats with Things to Decorate


For a Date Night

Have you ever taken your kids out on a date night? This could be a great one-on-one time opportunity. Fill up the basket with some of these items and invite your son/daughter to a parent-child date night:

214. Nice New Outfit
215. Promise Ring
216. Special Mix CD for the drive
217. Flowers/corsage/boutonniere
218. Gift Card to Child’s Favorite Place (activities/food/both)

As promised, here are some ideas by age group: babies, toddlers and young kids, older kids, as well as some miscellaneous:

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  1. So glad you made this list, i was just thinking i needed some good ideas! thanks!

  2. Such great ideas hon! I love adding different goodies versus just adding candy! I got my daughter some fun owl slippers and a scarf and I love filling the nieces and nephews baskets with things like fun toothpastes, chapstick, etc.

  3. THANK YOU! My twins are 2 and we are doing their first easter baskets this year and I am (was) totally short on ideas.

  4. These are really cute ideas! Thank you… I’m going incorporate some of these this year.

  5. These are all great ideas–thank you!

  6. Love this and I love how you provided examples of how the Easter baskets can be presented!

  7. I think these are so much better than a conventional Easter Basket!

  8. wow I love your ideas! I love making baskets for many occasions!

    • Thank you, Dana! I do too and these can be used for so much more than just Easter. Fun birthday gifts, thinking of you gifts, parent-child date night gifts or activity baskets…

  9. John-Paul Gouett

    Thanks for this! Great to have alternatives to just chocolate. 🙂 Not that the kids mind… but otherwise, we are heavy into chocolate for Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas… etc. Nice to have some other things too.

    • Haha, yes, the kids definitely don’t mind, but they get sooo much already. They actually enjoyed these more because they last longer (that, and they can use them right away. I limit their candy intake.)

  10. This list is great!

  11. Great ideas! Its always hard to come up with stuff other than candy and that is not too expensive! I will link back to you from my blog!

  12. I love the baskets! Especially the garner basket!

    • That one is so much fun. Have you seen my new printable Bunny Seed Packet Envelopes? I think you’ll love them!

  13. So many ideas and endless possibilities! Easter is my favorite Holiday. Thanks for sharing these!

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