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Purex PowerShot Self-Measuring Detergent Review

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Purex PowerShot Detergent. Click the picture to read the review.

I have had the opportunity to test the brand new PowerShot detergent from Purex. It self-doses and you can use it in three simple steps: flip, dose, done. No measuring, no mess…now how does that sound?

Purex PowerShot easy measure liquid detergent comes in two great scents which include: Mountain Breeze and Natural Elements Linen & Lillies. It is concentrated, so it stretches a lot further than other brands and has 50% more stain fighting power in each drop than regular Purex detergent. That’s some mighty good stain fighting power!

Purex PowerShot Laundry Detergent Self Dispensing

We tried the Mountain Breeze scent which paired nicely with our Mountain Breeze Crystals. I asked my son what he thought it smelled like and his reply was, “Tasty Chocolate and Blue.” No, please do not taste this product haha. He was referring to the fact that chocolate smells tasty. To me, it has a light, fresh floral scent to it.

What I Love

While measuring laundry detergent is not difficult or time consuming on an everyday basis, a self-measuring detergent bottle definitely comes in handy for many reasons.

Purex PowerShot Detergent Dispensing Cap

1. If you are having one of those mommy-brain days, you do not have to second-guess on how much detergent you are measuring. This is especially helpful as often the fill lines on detergent caps are difficult to see.

2. Clingy baby? No problem! You can easily measure and pour one-handed (and all this WITHOUT giving Baby an opportunity to grab the cup and plunge his hand inside the gooey detergent.)

3. While my husband already helps immensely with the laundry, many simply do not know what to do (one reason I am teaching my son at an early age!) Now, they do not have to worry about dosing out the proper amount of detergent…simply 1 flip for regular loads or 2 flips for large or extra dirty loads! That’s it!

4. It’s so easy, even your kids can use it! Having someone to help lighten the laundry load can be a huge stress-reliever. Whether your kids are young or old, they can now help with the laundry! Even my 4-year-old was able to use the bottle easily without making a mess (with parental supervision, of course)! You can teach your kids to help with chores, be responsible, and have fun doing it. 

Purex PowerShot Detergent Used By Kids

I also love that the no-spill detergent bottle saves from giant messes like I often make when I am not paying close attention dumping detergent into a cap, or when I place the cap back on without fully emptying the detergent from it.

What I’m Not Huge On

There are only two things I would really like to see with this product. The first is that the bottle could be a little more ergonomic. While it was not really difficult to tip over, I am used to pouring, not flipping, so I would prefer the bottle to work with me to flip upside down a little more comfortably. It felt a little awkward. Not a huge deal, as dispensing only takes a few seconds, but would be helpful for those who are smaller, like children who are learning to give a helping hand.

The second is that I would really love to see this product offered in Free & Clear! While I love scented detergent, I cannot handle it too much on my clothing so we can only use this for my husband and kids. 

Overall, Purex PowerShot automatically-dispensing detergent is so easy to use–no guess, no mess. It helps you simplify your laundry routine and get more done with a little one in your arms! I have to say, at first I was skeptical. How could this really keep dosing the right amount without constantly leaking out more? I have to tell you, though, it worked just as it said it would!

No guess. No mess.

Bonus clip: Check out my video to see how my 4-year-old helped with the laundry (and see for yourself how Purex PowerShot dispenses and automatically refills!)

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-How could a self-measuring detergent help you?


  1. I like the automatic dispensing idea but may I suggest that an unscented product is best for those of us with allergies.

  2. I like the new kind of dispenser on the detergent.

  3. I think the dispenser would be awesome I also think this detergent would work great on my fiancรฉe work clothes he works in a steel factory and it may be great for little one’s stained clothes.

  4. We waste a ton of money by over-pouring detergent, so this new nozzle will save us money.

    • I didn’t even think of that! I know many over-pour. I use the fill line unless I’m exhausted so this product definitely helps in that area so I don’t mess up and waste money. Great point!

  5. friederike graedener

    This would save a lot of money for us as i have a habit of overpouring

    Friederike Graedener

  6. I can never see the fill line on the little cup so it would be nice for it to fill on it’s own. Agree that a Free and Clear would be nice.

    • It is so hard to see those lines. I use them, but I have to pause and hold it to the light at a very particular angle..this takes out the guesswork for sure.

  7. It would help me because I always take time to make sure detergent is perfectly measured! What a great product.

    • That is my problem! To see the lines you have to take your time. Not a huge deal, but as a busy parent, this has made laundry so much quicker.

  8. It would help me by giving the proper dosage with this and I like it will refill for next time.

    • I love that it refills too! Also the simplicity of one flip for regular loads and two flips for large or extra dirty loads.

  9. It would save me time in measuring detergent.

  10. I love it that you get your little one to help with the laundry!

  11. I have a family of 6!! My two older kids could easily use this to help me out with laundry!! Thanks for the chance!!

  12. How could Purex PowerShot detergent make your life easier? Leave a comment ON THE BLOG POST

    i think the no spilling will help..im a spiller..i like to say oops…oops i won!

    • Haha too funny. I always get distracted by kids and either miss the cup dumping or miss the bottle putting the cap back on.

  13. I would have my son do laundry more with this Purex since it measures for you and is mess free!

  14. I’d like to give the self-measuring a try! It seems so easy. No spilling or over filling!

  15. It would save time measuring

  16. I like the idea of taking the guess work out of measureing maybe make it available in a few scents?

  17. Oh I love how neat it would be! I always seem to make such a mess putting the cap back on!

  18. it would save me less time of doing my laundry because i wouldnt have to measure the detergent anymore

  19. It would make things a lot easier because I’m always dripping detergent everywhere with regular caps.

    • It is! I just dripped my regular detergent all over the place trying to put the cap back on. This one is much easier.

  20. It would save time measuring and it is MESS free!!!! Love anything that is mess free!!

  21. The auto-dosing would help make doing the laundry a lot less frustrating! I can’t stand getting laundry detergent all over my hands!

  22. Since my oldest will be going to college in the fall, this would be great for my younger son to begin to learn how to do laundry.

  23. I have a clingy baby who is always trying to stick his hands in everything, so I need this in my life!

  24. The flipping for the amounts of detergent to use would make it easier for my husband to help me out with the laundry as he would not have to worry about putting too much or too little detergent.

  25. It would make my life easier since i could send the hubby or one of the kids down to do laundry and not have to worry if they put the right amount of laundry detergent in! it woudl dave me some time!

  26. I like that its no mess and easy to measure so I can save money buying less detergent.

  27. Anything to make laundry easier is a win in my book. I’m a full time working mom, so time is a precious resource and I would much rather spend it having quality time with my children.

    • For sure! I am the same; I love that I can spend less time measuring and more time making memories with my kids!

  28. It will make it easier to know how much detergent to use. I am never quite sure.

  29. My life would be easier with this product as I would not have to find a measuring cup for my detergent and with the no spill top, there would no more messes.

  30. This would be great for my husband work clothes!

  31. It will make life easier because it not messy!

  32. Ummm I wouldn’t have to rinse out the cap like usual.

  33. I would never add WAY to much detergent again ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I like that I can do it all with one hand

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