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An Honest Review of the Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer

Disclaimer: I received a free product for my post! These views are my own and were not 
at all influenced by the party who gave me this opportunity..

Combi All in One Mobile Entertainer

My little boy is on the move! He loves to bounce and tries to walk–he always has a place to be. We wanted to let our son try a walker because it seemed like something he would really enjoy, so we chose to try out the Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer which is not only an awesome baby activity walker but also a jumper! Put this on your list of baby gear must haves!

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What I Love

This Combi baby product is a walker, jumper, entertainer, and high chair all in one. This means you can buy one product, save some money, save some space, and get a lot of use out of it! Having more than one large baby item in your house can take up a lot of room and look messy, especially if you live in a small house or apartment. I like to have walkers and bouncers available for my son to enjoy as it is a learning experience for him so I love that this one product can do it all!

On the bottom there is a button that you can lock into place for when your child wants to stand and walk around. The swivel wheels allow baby to move forwards, backwards and side to side around hard, smooth surfaces. This product can be used on carpeting as well, but it will not move as easily as on other surfaces like in the kitchen, garage, or patio. The seat adjusts to three height levels to grow with your child. My son is able to comfortably touch the ground on the lowest level whereas he was a little too short for our old walker. Set him in his Combi Mobile Entertainer and he zooms around the linoleum! I love watching those little feet go; he really enjoys walking. 

Combi Baby Walker and Jumper

(Also pictured in the background: Custom Canvas Key Holder)

You know that nifty button I mentioned earlier? Well you can turn it and it will unlock the sides to allow the car tray to bounce up and down. To say my baby boy likes jumping would be an understatement…he is crazy about it! He’s a little Tigger! Anytime you try to hold him in a standing position, he starts to hop. While this builds up Mommy’s muscles, I need breaks and the Combi All-in-One is the perfect solution. Little man actually will crawl over to the jumper and kick his legs to let me know he’s in the bouncy mood. The adjustable height comes in handy here as well because he is able to reach the floor with both feet flat and his knees bent enough to jump properly.

The Combi All-in-One activity walker feeds both the imagination and the belly. With its classic car theme, your little one will have so much fun pretending to drive around! My older son loves to push his brother in it and pretend they are cruising. This product comes in several colors and designs including red, pink, purple and black colors with white racing stripes, a black or blue police car, Flower Power which is pink with a peace sign and flowers, and silver with flames. Click here to see all the color options. We chose the silver because it looks like a hot rod. When we have visitors, my son’s Combi Silver Flame is a huge hit with the kids–even the big kids wish they could get inside and go for a ride. The design is sleek and clean and looks good in our house without standing out too much.

Combi All in One Mobile Entertainer from the Back

“Adjusting his mirrors”

The removable electronic play tray on top has a cute steering wheel and two rear view mirrors. The wheel turns and moves little toys in the dash and it also has a little horn and colorful buttons that light up and play music! My older son loves to press the songs for his baby brother over and over; they are quiet enough that it does not usually bother me like some other toys we own. Because the steering wheel is clear, the lights are not vibrant enough during the daytime to catch my baby’s attention, but they make his face light up when it is a little darker. On either side of the steering wheel there is a rear view mirror where your little one can look at his adorable face. The piece around the mirrors spins and has knobs that are fun to grab hold of and even more fun for teething babies to chew and goo on. 

Combi All in One Mobile Entertainer Steering Wheel

The entertainment system detaches easily to reveal a silver tray for baby to eat snacks on a clean, toy-free surface. This means easy clean up! The tray does not have a cup holder which I actually like; my son does not drink from cups right now so the flat surface is a lot easier for me to clean. We took the walker out on the patio and we all had dinner outside! Remember, the walker rolls so make sure you block any openings to stairs if you bring it outside. I would also recommend locking the base when using the snack and drink tray so your baby is less likely to bounce while trying to eat. 

Combi All in One Mobile Entertainer Tray

As an added safety measure, this baby walker and entertainer has anti-skid brake pads. The seat is hung securely and made with a soft material. It has a 100% polyurethane foam filling so the seat is cushioned to provide added comfort and security. The seat can hold up to 30 lbs. and itself measures 28″ L x 26″ W x 21.5″ H and weighs 14 pounds. This product is recommended for babies who can sit upright, unassisted. 

What I’m Not Huge On

I do wish the Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer folded up compactly for storage. If I do not feel like breaking the walker down into pieces each time I would like to hide it away, I just have to leave it out in the open. Fortunately the car walker is pretty cute so I do not mind it sitting out, but we do not have a whole lot of living space so sometimes I feel the house looks cluttered with the larger baby toys in view. We decided to have some fun with it, however, and made a little parking sign to give it its own place in the room.

Combi Mobile Entertainer Reserved Parking Sign

While I love the simplicity of the toy dashboard for entertainment, I think I would have liked to see a few more activities included…perhaps a key that spins and spins or a shifter with a textured shift knob for teething babies. 

Overall, the Mobile Entertainer is a cute and smart baby product. With it’s numerous uses, it will save you money and a little floor space in your house and it converts quickly and easily. This product is a huge hit with children and their parents when they visit our house and my kids love it as well! The quality is great and it is made by one of my favorite brands! As an added bonus, the box has an outline drawing of the walker/jumper which makes for a fun coloring page. I would definitely recommend this product to parents looking for a walker and bouncer as this product is both in one.


You can purchase the Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer on the Combi website. The Silver Flame option we chose for this review is available exclusively at Walmart. The Black Police Car and Flower Power designs are sold exclusively at BuyBuyBaby. Be sure to follow Combi on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

**Combi is a Carolina Brand! Watch for other Carolina brand items to be highlighted on my blog! What are your favorite #CarolinaBrands? Use this hashtag to tell me on Facebook!

Bonus Tip: Personalize your Combi classic car walker with a mini license plate! We found a blank mini plate at Walmart near the bicycles and it came with letter stickers to add a name! I used a Command Strip to stick it onto the back of the walker. How cute!!

Combi Mobile Entertainer With License Plate

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  1. Suellen Jennings

    Probably for jumping. It would be for my sister and they have stairs, I wouldn’t want to see it take the plunge.

    • Oh I know what that’s like having stairs! There are some awesome baby gates that you can screw into the wall! I will be posting a review for one pretty soon here so keep an eye out!

  2. Sarah Underwood

    BOTH! I actually have a gate to prevent my LO from falling down the stairs! I think its important for them to get the most activity they can out of a toy! My first didn’t like jumping but hopefully the next few will! 🙂

    • I agree! I love getting the most use I can out of everything. I LOVED to bounce when I was a baby so both my boys are very into it–usually in my arms which became very tiring with my first so I’m happy my younger one has this awesome bouncer! He wasn’t too sure about the walking option at first, but loves it now!

  3. Sarah Underwood

    I would choose either the black with white stripes OR the little police car. I need gender neutral and either of these would work!

  4. I would think For both jumping and walking, my daughter loved jumping and walking in her walker . So hopefully our son will also!

  5. My kids would love to jump in this

  6. My lo would love jumping for now, but soon enough I’m sure she would love walking too! I love the flames, my classic car obsessed husband would absolutely love this!! Adorable!! Thanks for this review!

    • My husband loves classic cars too so this was so cute! My baby wasn’t too sure about the walker option at first but it grew on him quickly and he loves getting around places now.

  7. I think both, babies love to move.

  8. My babe would love jumping. But it is nice to have a 2 in 1!

    • I agree! Sometimes baby wants to walk and sometimes just jump so it’s great to have both!

    • We’re do the batteries go for all light buttons, I bought my used and now all dead, can’t find battery compartment!
      Pls help

      • Hi Sal,

        I would assume you would have to remove the steering wheel, as I think that was the only part that had lights and sounds, but I honestly have no clue. My kids are very much older now, and we never had any other littles, so this has since gone on to another home to be appreciated. I would recommend you reach out to the company directly.

  9. I would choose the flame with a personal plate like you did. Love it. Little dude would look awesome.

  10. My lo loves jumping. But had never been in a walker! Would love to try it out

  11. I say both!! Mine is only in the standing phase but likes to kick those feet too!!

  12. I like the black one!

  13. My kids always enjoyed the jumping part. I think that’s pretty fun for them when they’re just learning to control their legs.

  14. At this point, I think jumping would be the highlight for my little guy. In another couple of months, I think walking will be!

    • From my experience with my kids, jumping always comes first then walking and then they don’t want to stop; this product really grows with them!

  15. I like the silver with the flames.

  16. I would choose the silver flame. It is SO cute!!

  17. The jumping!

  18. I know they love jumping…but I think they like to walk the best…that way..they can get into everything. lol

  19. I like the silver…like the one you have or the blue.

  20. Jumping and walking are BOTH fun. So cute.

  21. I think this sounds more fun for baby is both the walking and jumping.

  22. I would either pick The Silver Flame or the Red one.

  23. Both sound like a lot of fun to me.

  24. I like the silver one.

  25. Caitlin Deshais

    Flower power is super cute!

  26. Caitlin Deshais

    Jumping and walking are both fun!

  27. I would have to say both walking and jumping.

  28. sarah underwood

    Love the black & white or the police car! Works for both boy/girl!

  29. I think they enjoy both walking and jumping!

  30. My kids seemed excited about walking, but my son has so much more fun jumping! You know he’s happy when he’s literally jumping through the house, so I guess that answers it!

  31. I love the flames! It makes it look like a race car!

  32. Both!!!

  33. Love the Black – goes with anything and our little guy Axton will love it too!

  34. For my little guy, definitely jumping! I can hardly hold him because he tries to jump in my lap!

  35. I think both jumping and walking are fun. Its really fun to watch when little ones are learning to walk and decide to try jumping too.

  36. I like the black police car.

  37. Justine Liberato

    So cute!

  38. I definitely think they would enjoy both!

  39. I would definitely choose the Silver Flame, I think it is absolutely adorable!

  40. Love the black

  41. I have got to say jumping and walking, my lil man will be here soon, so I definitely want to get a good start on finding the things he will need as he grows, and I believe jumping is just as important as walking!

  42. I love the police cars, hard to choose color as I like both the black and baby blue.

  43. I would definitely go with black.

  44. Black & white or police car!

  45. If I had the choice I would go for the same one featured in this post. But based on the website that style is not available right now, so my second choice would be the Light Blue Police Car.

    • Carlene, that style is available; it is exclusive to Walmart so you cannot purchase it on the Combi website, but you can still get one!

  46. I would choose the Combi® All-in-One Mobile Entertainer in Flower Power

  47. My son loved jumping!! I am thinking that my daughter is going to follow in his footsteps and like jumping too!

  48. Jumping!! It seems to invoke lots of giggling 😉

    • Definitely! My baby jumps all the time and it always puts a huge smile on his face and makes him giggle! Cutest. Thing. Ever.

  49. sarah underwood

    We need the black or police car! 🙂 love!

  50. Walking sounds much more fun than jumping.

  51. I would probably pick the pink color for my daughter but I like the purple color as well.

  52. I love this giveaway, what a cute activity walker!

  53. I think kids would love to jump around, great for a walker/activity center.

  54. If I won I would get the black police car, it’s just too cute!

  55. Black!!

  56. I think the combination of walking and jumping is fun for the kiddos
    ~Serenity SIxx

  57. My kiddos were all jumpers! I always always laughed….oh, and so did they!

  58. My son loves to jump, but also is frustrated because he can’t follow his three siblings around. This would be perfect for him!

  59. Love the black police car or the silver with flames

  60. Stephanie Hebert

    I think both sound FUN! My daughter loves doing both!

  61. Stephanie Hebert

    Flower Power Please! (Stephanie Hebert)

  62. Constance Smith

    I think jumping!

  63. misty sue wiggers


  64. I would say both. Especially if its walking on their own, not in a jumper. That has to be an amazing feeling, finally being able to get around on two feet. I can’t remember when I fitrst did it though lol

    • Yes! The walker part is still the jumper, but they can stand up and have the seat to catch them in case they fall so it’s perfect for learning.

  65. I’d say jumping kids i’ve seen get soo excited when they jump x

  66. Both – jumping and walking

  67. both

  68. My baby loves to kick his feet!!

  69. Would love the black or police car!

  70. Definitely jumping!

  71. I think for a baby both walking and jumping must be a great adventure!

  72. Antoinette Hooper

    We would say the jumping is more fun. Most kids love jumping.

  73. Antoinette Hooper

    Omgosh….love the Combi. I wish this was around when mine were little. I looked at all the Combi walkers…The red and black are way too cute…

  74. sarah underwood

    Black or police car:)

  75. bouncing! my son loved jumping around in the jonnyjumper!

    • Oh JonnyJumper was one of my favorites as a baby! I was quite the bouncy baby and I guess I passed that to my boys haha. Thanks for entering!

  76. Way back when mine were little they loved jumping

  77. I would choose the blue police car, so darn cute. Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. I really really love the Blue Police Car. It’s super cool 🙂
    Thank You

  79. Sarah Underwood

    I’m really liking the black today 😉

  80. I would choose the black.

  81. I think both would be super fun for a baby!! They love being able to go to places by themselves and bouncing all the time!

  82. I love the design you have!! Looks awesome!

  83. Jumping would be more fun than walking.

  84. BrandonKortney Nelson

    Jumping for sure!

  85. I’d have to say for a baby that both would be equally fun, after all every new experience should be full of fun. 🙂

  86. probably both! it’s hilarious to watch little ones just bouncing along before they can walk, and watch them toddle once they’re big enough. my nephew was walking so early, it was hilarious and cute!!

  87. I really love the Blue Police Car!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  88. I think the jumping sounds like more fun, but I’m not a baby, so what do I know!

  89. sarah underwood

    Hmmmm… we need the black one! Love!

  90. Looked more into these! They are great!!!

  91. I would have to go with jumping! at least mine seem to have more fun that way 🙂

  92. Honestly, my kids would always choose jumping over walking! At least thus far after 8 kids that has been the preference, LOL.

  93. Id say both

  94. They do both but jumping seems to bring more giggles

  95. I’d choose the blue police car for my little man

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