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Easy Lego Sensory Wall Room Decor

Like father like son…these boys sure to love LEGOs! Since he has so many already, I decided it would be fun to incorporate LEGOs into his bedroom decor in a functional way– so we got to work and built this LEGO Sensory wall decor. Now he is able to stick his LEGOs onto the LEGO wall, build towers off the LEGO wall, or drive his small toy cars under the “bridge” that I added.


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1) Pick up as many LEGO base plates as you wish from the store or online. My son uses Duplo right now, but we chose the regular LEGO base plates because they fit the Duplo bricks and are much cheaper ($5 regular price at Lego for the regular and $15 regular price for the Duplo plates.) Plus, we figured that once our son has out-grown LEGO Duplo, he can still use the base plates for the regular LEGOs.

There is a difference between the regular and Duplo plates besides price and which Lego bricks fit, so take that into consideration with your designs too. The Duplo plates are quite a bit larger than the regular ones (15″x15″ as opposed to 10″x10″) and are a lime green color. The regular plates come in various colors, styles and some colors have larger sizes; they have base plates from blue to green to grey to ones with roads on them and more. To save some money, sign up for the free magazine from LEGO and watch for them to include a coupon to use then purchase them from the LEGO store and be sure to join the Lego Rewards club to earn some points on your purchase.

2) Buy some regular Command Strip frame mounting strips (the kind that has latch-hook loops going on so they can be easily detached if needed.) You will need 2-4 per LEGO base plate.

3) To mount the LEGO brick square plates, first choose your design. I chose to make it simple by keeping them all in a rectangular shape, leaving just a little space to make a bridge for my son’s HotWheels cars to drive under (he can drop them through.)

Place the Command Strips onto the back of each base plate, one plate at a time, and mount according to the package directions. The best way to keep these plates flat and even is to put the strips horizontally, one at the top of the plate and one at the bottom. Press the base plate against the wall and make sure it is straight. Do this with the rest of the plates until your design is complete.

Tip: To ensure that your base plates are aligned correctly, have a LEGO brick or two handy and make sure that they will stick on. You may need to press firmly, but if you can get the brick to stick across both plates they should be aligned properly. For the bridge that I made, I had to create the bridge first (two square bricks and one of the rectangle bricks with an arch) then stick one side to the base plate I was about to put down and as I set it I stuck it to the plate that was next to it so the space between was the correct width.

You do not have to use Command Strips if you do not want to–there are other options such as gluing the base plates to the wall, etc. I chose Command Strips because they are easily removed, do not ruin the wall and I can salvage the base plates for the next house that we are in.

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  1. That’s a really cool idea! Great use of wall space as well as excess legos lying around the house! A very creative way to get kids on board a good project too.

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