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Framed Kids’ Artwork Decor Idea

Kid artwork is the best, isn’t it? But let’s admit it, you can end up with a lot of it. Some of the extra special pieces, however, are worth displaying, like this cute page the daughter of one of my friends drew for little E. We decided this simple Framed Kids Artwork Decor would be the perfect way to give it the attention it deserves.


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Of course taping up a piece of paper to the wall can look sort of tacky at times, depending on how it is displayed, so I like to find ways to make it look cleaner and make the artwork stand out. Framed kid art is the perfect solution for displaying your child’s artwork, and it looks great in the kids’ rooms too.

Instead of simply framing the piece of lined paper, I decided to go one step further, making it stand out even more. I chose a colored piece of construction paper (one that would go well with the color of the room) and placed that in the frame behind the drawing (I used a small piece of tape to keep the papers in place) then added cute airplane paperclips to the sides to help hold the paper into place even better–such a fun touch! My mom found the airplane clips for my toddler son and I wasn’t sure what to do with them until this. You can find all types of paperclips, make your own heart clips, or use regular clips with flat items glued to one end to make them look pretty. Just make sure they aren’t too bulky for the frame.

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