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This month’s coloring page for our Coloring Tribe challenge was to make a mandala. I’ve never actually made a mandala before, so this was a challenge to me. I decided to keep with my hand-draw pages, rather than do a computer-generated version which would have been easier for me, and I decided to try something unique.

Most mandalas that I have seen are full of flowers or basic patterns. They look amazing and I want to make some like that, but I had no clue what I would name one of those pieces, so I brainstormed a bunch of ideas and decided to go with this themed mandala


Honey Bee Hive Mandala


Enjoy this gorgeous Honey Bee Hive Mandala adult coloring page over a warm cuppa. This coloring page is available free when you click the picture, plus you can find out the inspiration behind it and what I used to color it. Honeybee | Hive | Mandala | Coloring | Adult Coloring | Free Printable | Free Coloring Page | Flowers | Honeycomb | Art | Hand-drawnGreat for Pinning Image Pin It Button


If you’ve been around for my coloring pages, I am sure you saw my Honey Bee Fairy coloring page and read about how I love honeybees. (Yes, I am frightened of bees in general, but not so much honeybees.) Well, while we were in Wisconsin visiting family, we toured a cheese factory and on the rooftop they had a garden with a special bee hive they keep for the bees that make their honey. It was seriously so cool. I’ve even gotten my husband interested in honeybees. I figured a honey bee hive would be the perfect subject for this piece.

This mandala adult coloring page was a lot of fun for me, because it came with built-in patterns. I knew it had to have honeycombs (I’ll tell you my secret to making these later on) and the bees would of course have stripes. If you examine it closely, you can see that it sort of tells a story.


Honey Bee Hive Mandala


Looking at this mandala, you can see the top of a hive. On the side, one bee is entering the hive. As you look at the tiers of the hive, you will see one large flower, honeycombs, then a bunch more flowers. The honeybee takes nectar from the flowers and brings it back to the hive where it uses the nectar to create honey. The result is delicious, golden honey and pollinated flowers that help them to grow and multiply.

For this piece, I chose a handful of colors and stuck with that color scheme. I used a heavy amount of honey yellow to keep with the mandala theme.


Honey Bee Hive Mandala Square


To Color this Mandala, I used:


Prismacolor premier pencils

Stabilo markers

Colorless blender pencil



For the most part, I just layered my Prismacolor pencils to make the colors bright and add some depth. In a couple areas, like the bees, I did add a small amount of marker to set it apart from the rest of the coloring. The colorless blender came in handy for making the colors smooth. I planned on adding some white to add more highlights where the sun would hit, but my white colored pencil and charcoal pencil weren’t showing, my eraser didn’t make much of a difference, and the white paint pen I used after I took these pictures did not seem to make much of a difference either. Any recommendations on how to get some good white highlight lines? I’d love to hear. To be honest, I only recently started coloring. Most of my drawings prior were penciled and I use my kneaded eraser for highlights on those.

So…how did I hand-draw the honeycomb patter so neatly? I inverted a hex head bolt and traced around each side with pencil, placing the next up against the last, until the entire space was covered. I then went back through with marker to make sure each looked as it should. I rarely do pencil before I go to the black marker outline part, but I am glad I did for these.


Honey Bee Hive Mandala Entry CloseHoney Bee Hive Bee Close Up


A pop-up window will show; scroll down with the scroll bars or with the page down or down arrow buttons on your keyboard to download.

Download Your Free Mandala Adult Coloring Page


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    • Hi Paulette, it should have been instantly emailed to the email address you provided when completing the form. Check your spam folder, as some have taken the free printable then marked it as spam. If you still do not see it there, please contact me at and we will get it sorted out. Once in a while I’ve had small typos in emails that have sent it to the wrong email address or something just goes wonky. We will make sure you get your coloring page 🙂

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    • Hi, if you look at the post, I have giant branded download buttons that make it very easy to click and download. If you are referring to the ads, those are how I am able to keep this content free for my readers 🙂

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