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Honey Bee Fairy Adult Coloring Page

This month’s free coloring page challenge was something out of my comfort zone…


This free fairy coloring page will bring magic into your day | Adult Coloring | Fairy | Printable | Fantasy | Whimsical | Coloring
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I would not consider myself much of a “girly girl”, so making a fairy coloring page made me a bit nervous. However, I am very pleased with how it came out!

When I think of fairies, I think of magic, whimsy, sparkles, nature, and iridescence. That’s what I wanted portrayed in my coloring page. I went with a flower-inspired dress with leaves in her whimsical and wispy hair.

Her wings are drawn to allow the colorist to create a translucent wings appearance, which was a fun coloring experience for me.

Speaking of coloring, let me admit something to you. I don’t love coloring. Some artists draw the outlines and fill them in, some just love to color, but I’m the type that prefers to draw black and white pictures. Sometimes I will shade, and I do love painting, but when it comes to coloring pages, I’d rather be the one to draw them. I think this challenge changed coloring for me, because I really and truly enjoyed coloring this hand-drawn coloring page.

Growing up, I was very much into apparel design. Whenever I’d get the chance, I would doodle new dress ideas I had. I think that bit of my childhood popped out with my fairies, because I did not want to stop designing dresses for them.

Honey Bee Fairy Coloring Page Close

In her hands, my Honey Bee Fairy holds a baby honey bee and a tiny flower. Okay, so initially I did not plan on this–I actually messed up on the hands (I am terrible at drawing hands and I’m a bit crazy and don’t really do a pencil layer before markers.). Once I needed objects to fill in the errors, I knew exactly where I wanted this character to go. She needed a personality and a mission.

With all of the news with the honey bee shortage, I decided to put my thoughts out there in art form. While I have a healthy fear of anything that stings, I really do like honeybees. There is so much good they do for helping our flowers and plants grow wonderfully, not to mention they give us delicious honey! In fact, some day I hope to have some bees of my own. Hearing of the big losses was really saddening to me and I really hope something is done about it. Seriously, save the honey bees (get rid of the wasps…what are they good for anyway? I may or may not be holding a grudge against wasps for stinging me for no reason when I was a kid.).

Sip some tea with honey while you color this page!

Download Your Free Fairy Adult Coloring Page

I hope this fairy coloring page adds a little *sparkle* and magic to your day!
Spread around to your friends by sharing on social media–like a honey bee pollinates flowers or a fairy sprinkles fairy dust.

Honey Bee Fairy Coloring Page Full

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Buy these printable 3D fairies and wings HERE.

Fairies 2D Coloring Page Cutouts

To complete the coloring of this fairy, I used:

Due to the nature of the wings, I had to stick with something like colored pencils for coloring (you can use blendable markers, but using pencils was the easy route.). I then accented with sparkly gel pens, fine point markers, and after it was all dried, I added a few dabs of glitter glue and carefully spread it for a magical glittery effect.

Honey Bee Fairy Coloring Page Cover

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  1. How pretty your Fairy turned out. It looks like fun, and I can get new free coloring pages every month. My sister is a big fan of coloring so I am going to get this for her. Thanks for sharing.

  2. shelly peterson

    I love fairy’s. This looks like a neat page to color. You did a great job!

  3. I can’t download your pictures after clicking on the link. I go to another download page, but no picture. What do I need to do?

    • Hi Kathy, there should be instructions in the post. When you click “Download” it should have a window pop up with information about the download and a space (scroll down) to enter your name and email address to have the file sent to you. An email will immediately be sent to you with the file containing the free download. Hope that helps.

  4. Leigh Anne Borders

    How cool is this fairy. When I was a little girl I LOVED to color. I am so glad that coloring has found its way back into my life. It is a great stress reliever.

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