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“Butterfly Garden” Butterfly Coloring Page for Adults

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Butterflies have always been fascinating to me. How they look, the wing designs that scare away predators or camouflage them, their life cycle… Growing up, I loved going to those butterfly exhibits where they had gardens full of butterflies. Walking into a butterfly garden with butterflies fluttering by all around is such a magical experience. For this month’s butterfly coloring page for adults, I really wanted to capture that magic.

Fun fact…did you know that they used to call butterflies “flutterbys”? It makes sense, doesn’t it?! They flutter right by you. Somewhere along the line, someone decided “butterfly” was easier to say. Random facts like this always fascinate me, and I loved hearing this one of the times we visited a butterfly exhibit.

“Butterfly Garden” Butterfly Coloring Page for Adults

Butterfly Garden Butterfly Coloring Page for Adults Flowers
Butterfly Garden Butterfly Coloring Page for Adults on a Flower

For my butterfly coloring page, I chose some flowers that attract butterflies and are typically part of a butterfly garden, such as Echinacea or a Black-Eyed Susan (depending on how you color it), Salvia, and some other basic flowers.
You will find a variety of different butterflies, some with crazy patterns and others closer to real-life butterflies. I love this one hiding behind a flower.

Check out the details on the main butterfly!

To color this page, I used:

Butterfly Garden Butterfly Coloring Page for Adults Cover
Butterfly Garden Butterfly Coloring Page for Adults Close
Butterfly Garden Butterfly Coloring Page for Adults Long

Yep! That’s all! Just markers.

If you follow along with my website much, especially my coloring pages, you know I love to experiment and use mixed media. Lately I have been working to grow my collection of Copic markers because I absolutely love how they lay on the paper and how they are blendable. I used a variety of their classic colors, brights, pastels, and skin tone colors for everything, even the sky. The color is so smooth and really pops.

Since these markers are blendable, I did mix layers of some…light colors on the bottom and darker on the top so the marker tips don’t become dirtied. I also used these to shade.

Download Your Free Butterfly Garden Butterfly Coloring Page

Have you seen my printable 3D fairies? Watch this coming week for my new printable butterfly collection and DIY ideas! I would have had it for the release of this page, but my printer did not want to cooperate with my cardstock paper (any recommendations for a really great printer?).

Fairies Cut Out Coloring Pages

Do you love butterflies? What type is your favorite?

Know what I would give me butterflies? If you would share this free printable butterfly coloring page with your friends and family! You can share on social media, in an email, by word of mouth…be that little birdie that spreads the word. I’d also love for you to share your completed pages with me, either to [email protected], on my Facebook, tag @Artscrackers on Instagram or @AlyssaDarbyBlog on Twitter with the hashtag #ColoringTribe, or share in our Coloring Tribe Group! Seeing these pages enjoyed and colored by others makes it all worth it. I “heart” your support!

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