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This Mancala game egg carton craft is a lot of fun for kids and will keep on giving. Use this craft as an opportunity to teach your kids about repurposing, saving money, following game directions and counting. Build your own DIY Egg Carton

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Kale-Berry Salad

Kale Berry Salad Recipe | Massaged Kale | Cranberries | Salad with Fruit | Appetizer Recipes | Side Recipes | Healthy Recipes | Party Food | Healthy Eating | Kale Salad | Kale Recipes

One of my favorite ways to enjoy kale is in massaged salad form. Massaging the kale allows the kale to break down and become sweeter rather than the bitter taste it typically has fresh and untouched. This Kale-Berry Salad recipe

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Stuffed Party Celery Sticks Recipe

Stuffed Celery Party Appetizer Recipe

When you throw a party, one of the most important parts to plan is what to eat. I mean, eating is the best part of pretty much anything, right? These Stuffed Party Celery Sticks are an easy appetizer for any

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Tasty Guacamole Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Easy Turkey Guacamole Sandwich on Rudi's Bread

This Tasty Guacamole Turkey Sandwich Recipe is so simple to make and serves up a healthy lunch. You can use gluten-free bread if needed. Enjoy the mixture of delicious turkey, creamy guacamole, filling bread, and nutritious vegetables.     Ingredients

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Sweet and Fruity Bread Pudding Recipe

Check out this sweet and fruity bread pudding recipe! Ingredients: 4 cups cubed day-old King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Round Bread 1/2 cup pure almond milk 1-1/2 cups milk (use 2 cups if you do not use almond milk) 4 eggs, beaten 1

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About Arts & Crackers

Welcome to Arts & Crackers! My name is Alyssa Darby and I am a military wife and mommy blogger! My husband joined the United States Air Force on December 6, 2011 and life has been crazy ever since. There are

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