Yogurt Cup Planters

yogurt cup plantersThis yogurt planter is a great project for kids. Use this as an opportunity to teach your children about growing and caring for vegetables, photosynthesis, repurposing, saving money, eating healthy and subduing God’s earth.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Save and wash emptied containers (this can be organic yogurt containers as I used or you can use baby food containers, egg cartons, sour cream containers…get creative!)
  2. Fill the containers with good-quality dirt just a little away from the top.
  3. Label your plants! I used plastic spoons in mine to reuse them rather than toss them as well as for an adorable look to go perfectly with the yogurt cups.
  4. Plant 2-4 seeds in each container, pushing each seed down slightly into the soil just until you cannot see them any longer.
  5. Water your plants every couple days. Be sure not to over-water!
  6. Place in direct sunlight and watch your garden grow! When big enough, transfer the plants to larger pot or garden.

yogurt cup planters 1yogurt cup planters 2yogurt cup planters 3







~From my Go Green Tip on my Dealy Os blog. See it here. Are you going to try this? Let me know what you are planting and post up your photos on my Facebook wall!

Written by Alyssa Darby

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  2. What a terrific idea! I especially love how you reused the spoons! Great way to show the kids how “trash” can be repurposed and reused. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  7. Love this. About how long does it take to sprout and what seeds do you recommend?

    • Thank you, Laura! Honestly, I do not have the greenest thumb as we cannot have much of a garden where we currently live. We did these at my Mom’s house for her garden when we were visiting and did peas and cucumbers, as they are pretty easy to start. My toddler (at the time) planted them and they started sprouting within a day or two. Different seeds will sprout at different rates, but the sprouting process should be pretty quick. A lot of seed packets give some great tips and how long it takes to fully grow them in the information on the packaging.

      If you love seeds and gardening, you will probably love this post too: Seed Packet Valentines and Seed Match Game! It comes with a free printable game and coloring page envelopes–the printable envelopes are for Valentine’s Day, but can be enjoyed any day along with the game!

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