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The Bigger Vehicle Pregnancy Announcement

I am one of those people who can be patient enough to set up an awesome way to announce big news. In this case, I waited a couple months to announce my pregnancy until we got a new car! Cue…the Bigger Vehicle Pregnancy Announcement.


Bigger vehicle minivan pregnancy announcement idea


The vehicle that we had before was not family-friendly and was already too small for us, our toddler and our cat so we invested in a minivan! This gave me the opportunity to be creative by posting photos of myself with my little preggo belly next to our new van then a photo of the inside with the caption “There’s room for more carseats!” to give my family and friends a little hint that we were in need of room for more carseats.

Of course, this requires your getting a new vehicle, but if you, like us, are planning to anyway, this is a fun way to show off both your new car and your pregnancy announcement!


Bigger vehicle minivan pregnancy announcement idea


Are you going to do this? Let me know what your new vehicle is and how far along you are in your pregnancy?

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  1. SOOO happy for your girlie! Love the new vehicle!! Now trip to Alaska time!!!

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